Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Books on My Fall To-Be-Read List (Sept. 22, 2015)

Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday! That’s right ladies and gents, it is Tuesday, which means another installment of ‘Top Ten Tuesday‘ brought to you by ‘The Broke and the Bookish‘.

Top Ten Books On My Fall To-Be-Read

  1. Uglies‘ by Scott Westerfeld
    I just started this one and I dang well better finish it this fall because I have a ton of other books to read after it.
  2. Pretties‘ by Scott Westerfeld
    Yeah, that’s right, the sequel to ‘Uglies’ because I’m one of those who has to finish a series before I can start another one. On that note, I’m guessing you can tell what my next pick is going to be.
  3. Specials‘ by Scott Westerfeld
    Did ya get it right? I hope so! But we’re not done yet! One more to go! (That I only just found out about because I’m way behind the times apparently. :p)
  4. Extras‘ by Scott Westerfeld
    Whew! Last one. Haha! But I’m a serial-series reader if I have the books available (and if they’re good. Obviously I won’t continue a series if I don’t care for it. I’m not that bad of a serial-series reader, guys! Sheesh! Haha!)
  5. Day 21‘ by Kass Morgan
    Woo! Another sequel, but this is the sequel to ‘The 100’, which, I’ll admit, I originally got hooked up in from watching the show on the CW. I honestly didn’t even know there was a book for some time. Boy, am I glad I found out, though. Love it so far! Can’t wait to read book 2 and book 3!
  6. Homecoming‘ by Kass Morgan
    Dang straight! It’s the third and final installment of the trilogy that I will most definitely read, (whether I like the second or not.) This is a special circumstance where I love the world so much in this series that I would read through the whole thing (like it or not) just to see how the world plays out and how the characters interact with it.
  7. The Heir‘ by Kiera Cass
    Alright, this one I had no idea was even coming out when I finished ‘The One’ by Kiera Cass. So, I need to catch my butt up and read it so that I know what’s happening in the next gen of the Selection. Though, I will not be reading the novellas for this series. Personally not a super huge fan of novellas.
  8. A Clash of Kings‘ by George R. R. Martin
    Yeah. Yeah. I know. Super behind on this series, too, but I’m working on it! I love this series for the world-building and the lore and I’m really
  9. Cinder‘ by Marissa Meyer
    To be honest I am a bit hesitant about this one. Having read the inside cover as to what the book is about I’m not all that interested personally, but since the book has gotten so much hype and it seems to pop up everywhere I decided that it might be in my best interest to read it. Besides, it’s technically in my genre. So, being aware of my genre is always a good thing that’ll help me be a better writer. Though, for that reason, I’ll hold off on listing the sequels for now. 😉
  10. Red Queen‘ by Victoria Aveyard
    This sounds like an interesting series that could have some great potential (assuming a love plot doesn’t become the main focus). So, it’s another one I’m throwing on the list to give a shot this fall. I’ll keep you posted. ^.^

Well, that’s my Top Ten for the week. Let me know if you have any similar books in your top ten! I’d love to have people to discuss the books with after I finish them. ^.^


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