Monthly Update {September}

Hiya guys! So, I just realized that this blog was supposed to be for the novels I’m writing, but I haven’t even told y’all what’s going on with said novels. Silly, isn’t it. Well, for that reason I’m going to give y’all monthly updates on top of my other weekly posts.

These monthly updates will come out on the first of every month. Each post will discuss what I accomplished during the previous month as far as what stage the novel is in(plotting, drafting, editing, betareading, finished?), how much progress I made on a word count goal that I set at the beginning of the month, and any other information I deem important to post on the blog about my novels. :p

Additionally, the monthly update will include my goals for the current month. Like the things I accomplished, it will entail which of my novels I am working on, what stage the novel is in, and what goals I’m setting for the month(word count, editing specifics, stage changes, etc).

I’m hoping that this will be interesting to people and get them as excited for my novels as I am. ^.^

Also on my monthly updates I will provide a list of all the posts I published in the previous month just in case you missed something.

First off, woah! September’s gone? Already?! I mean, what?! *dies* Well, anyway, in all seriousness this was a pretty darn productive month. It was the first month that I really got back into writing my novels. That being said I hadn’t really set any goals for myself as far as what I wanted to accomplish or get anything. I kind of just went haywire. That chaos, though, proved beneficial.

The first novel I focused on this month was ‘Sota Radiation’. If you don’t already know it’s the first novel in my ‘World of Radiation’ series, which I’ve been posting about on my Monday Novel Prequels. So, you probably have an idea of the world and style of the book. If you don’t, pop on over to my list of Novel Prequels and check ’em out.

As for what I accomplished with ‘Sota Radiation’ I managed to finish a revised draft and move into the ‘beatreading’ stage. With the help of Twitter I scrounged up a few sacrifices –I mean, volunteers. So, at this time that novel is chillin’ with some awesome people, which gave me time to have an epiphany for a novel that I haven’t touched since… January. >.>

This second novel, from a completely different series of no name, is entitled ‘Reeducation’. The world is still very much in development. (That’s why it has no name.)  Even so, the world developed exponentially as I initiated myself into #SeptWritingChallenge on Twitter and with only twelve days left in the month I challenged myself to a full re-write of the novel. My goal was 80,000 words (a fair 90,000 less than the original draft I wrote in NaNoWriMo of 2011.) Challenge Status: Complete. I hit my 80,000 word mark yesterday on September 30th, 2015, rounding me out for the challenge and for my novel. A fair ending to a month with no original goals.

While September was blast-words-onto-the-page month, October is going to be edit month. Now that I have a completed re-write of ‘Reeducation’ I am going to burn through all of those rapidly typed sentences to polish it up into an actual draft.

In addition, I have another first draft novel that’s been sitting in the background for a few months that deserves some attention. (Why yes! I do have multiple series started that are still in first book stages. Thank you for noticing. :p) This novel is also getting an overhaul this month. I want it to be in draft two with the hopes of having it betareader-ready by November.

Lastly is ‘Sota Radiation’. It’s only been a short while since I sent out my manuscript to my lovely, wonderful, gracious betas. However, if they manage to get them back to me by the end of the month I’d really like to bust through an edit of this novel as well. That way, I’ll have three novels ready to set aside or be betaread during National Novel Writing Month in November, where I will be, you got it! Starting yet another series. :p (What can I say? I have lots of ideas. My brain is bad at compromise. However, all these ideas are spurring me to really get some work done finally. Who knows. Maybe I’ll actually start writing book two. :p)

September Posts

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From the Inside(World of Radiation) – Sept. 21
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Top Ten Tuesday
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Flash Fiction Friday
Thunderstruck by 2CELLOS – Sept. 4
Across the Lake (part 1) – Sept. 11
Across the Lake (part 2) – Sept. 18
Lake Huron – Sept. 25

And… that’s September in review and my goals for October. What do you guys think? Am I insane or am I insane? So far I haven’t been able to determine which one people mean when they tell me I’m insane. :p Oh well. *shrugs* But now I want to hear from you all. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Are you looking forward to anything in particular? Do you have a request for what you’d like me to post? A prompt, perhaps?(I’d really love to hear these as I love challenging myself)

Also, let me know how your writing has gone for September and what you plan for October. I’m really looking forward to it! Don’t forget to join me for #OctWritingChallenge on Twitter. If you want to know more go to WritingChallenge.org and join the chaos!– I mean… fun. ^.^


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    1. Haha! I needed to kick myself into overdrive so that I could really motivate myself to get some work done on my novels. ^.^ I’m terrible with consistency. I thought it might help. Thank you for the wonderful wishes. I’m hoping October is great, too, and also for you!

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