October Book Haul

Today my future-sister-in-law made the very naive mistake of accompanying me on an adventure to Half Price Books. Never in my life have I been to this store. My books have always been purchased from a chain or local bookstore, but not a re-sale store such as this.

Part of the reason for that is I’d never been told about said re-sale book stores. My family is one of casual readers. We bought books so infrequently that no one really cared to look up a re-sale bookstore, especially with our local bookstore being so cozy and welcoming as it was.

The other reason is because… *sigh* I’m a book snob. Yes, yes, I know! The horror! I can’t help it! I can’t stand looking a book that’s been used, the pages dingy and yellow, the spine broken, cover and pages bent. The whole thing just leaves a very disturbed feeling in my veins.

However, today I managed to find a few books that were not in such a shape. Whether they were used or not I can’t say, but they look spectacular and there was no cringing involved when I picked them up off the shelf. So, not wanting to pay large, big company-prices, I snagged a few. Below is my October Haul (which’ll probably end up lasting me the rest of the year given how long it takes me to read a darn book[and there’s already three books on my nightstand]. :p)












There ya go! The five book I picked up in amazing condition from Half Price Books. Have you read any of these already? If so, what’d you think? And more importantly, what books have you bought recently that you’re looking forward to reading?


14 thoughts on “October Book Haul”

  1. Great book you picked up. I have just finished reading the Red Queen (amazing) and I have also read A gathering of Blue (not as good as The Giver but still very good). I have been meaning to read the 5th Wave. Have fun. If you think this is a big pile you should look at mine 🙂 Too many good books, too little time!
    Great blog.

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    1. I’m glad to hear your thoughts on the books I just picked up. ^.^ I normally only buy one book at a time(and generally at full price) so this was huge for me! :p Haha! I also am a slow reader so I’ve never needed so many books at one time, but I’ve been burning through them lately so I thought ‘why not?’ Haha!

      I honestly didn’t know originally that The Giver was a quartet. I’m so excited there are more books because the book is written in sucha unique style. ^.^ It’s very refreshing.

      Thanks for the lovely comment, compliment, and follow. I hope I don’t dissapoint. ^.^


    1. Aw! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! ^.^ I see that you’ve reviewed ‘The 5th Wave’ on your own blog! Once I’m done reading it I’d love to discuss with you. Maybe there are more books we’ve both read which we can discuss as well! I love discussing books! ❤ *is a total geek*

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      1. Oh my gosh yes we must! I Kiev discussing books with fellow book lovers. Let me know your thoughts on the 5th Wave when you have read it because I genuinely love hearing other people’s opinions! I look forward to it (:

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  2. Book snob, that made me smile. Once upon a time, when I was not so much into kindle, I was a book snob too. Only hardback books would do. Paperback? Meh. Not worthy. Then the first time I had to move with all my books, they filled boxes that filled my entire living room as high as I was and even higher. Oh the smell of a new hardback book. Like, nothing beats burying your nose into the pages and smelling them again and again. And again. Of course later I discovered a kindle and the art of carrying 500 books inside your handbag. Hah. No nice smells though. In fact these days I am struggling to find time to read. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new books. 😀

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    1. Oh thank goodness! I was so worried that everyone was going to excommunicate me from the reading community after that note. :p I’m not nearly as particular about hardback vs paperback. However, whatever I start the series in, I have to have the rest of the series in the same format so that they match. The few series that don’t match on my bookshelf drive me up the wall!
      I’m not sure I’m as big on the smell of the new book as I am on the look and feel. The smooth, perfect, clean cover that your fingers can slide across and caress without being worried of something yucky being on it. The bright, white, pristine pages! *sigh*

      Although, I must say that never will I convert myself to an e-reader of any form. I just will not. There is something so wrong and unnatural about using an electronic object to read a book even if there is the convenience factor behind it. I will never give up the feeling of a tangible book in my hands and turning the pages ever so carefully so that they don’t rip or bend. (Alright, now I sound crazy. :p Haha!)

      Thank you for the lovely wishes! Psst. What’s on your TBR that you don’t have time to read? (I know that struggle ALL too well. *sigh* And I hope that you find time.)

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      1. Oh yes the number one rule about series is to be exactly the same format, otherwise yes they drive me crazy too. I have over 500 books in my TBR. Some fiction, others non-fiction, some real books, others electronic, basically too many books, not enough time. I juggle day job, writing, being social in at least the social media (suffers), blogging (suffers), reading (suffers), sleeping (suffers), maintain sanity over working two jobs one of which is as of yet unpaid (writing) also suffers (the sanity part but that’s ok I am used to it now). I think I need to start putting a small amount of time daily on reading, like perhaps one hour and make it work like the writing challenge? Currently my two non-fiction books that I want to desperately read are the Writing 21st Century Fiction and The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maas. As for fiction I want to re-read Ascension by Jacqueline Koyanagi, Symbiont by Mira Grant, and I found out that Jeanette Winterson has a new book out and I love her work so I am trying really hard NOT to buy it. Crazy, I know. 😀

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        1. Wow! Your list seriously made me realize how much I sacrifice for my own day-to-day activities though sleeping doesn’t suffer for me. I’m a grumpy monkey without my 7-8hrs of sleep every night. :p Reading was always the #1 sufferer (especially given that I avoided social media completely until only recently when I rejoined this ‘internet’ thing.) Though, I’m trying to force myself to read more by having a book review once a month. At least I’ll get one book down. Yet, my list is not NEARLY as big as yours! My goodness! 500! *dies* Though, I don’t read e-books or non-fix so that really narrows it down. (and I’m trying to get some books off the list before I add more :p)

          I think life has to be divided up into small increments of activities, but we are such one-track-minded creatures that we start an activity and see it to completion before starting another. Hence why reading 1hr a day or just watching 1 episode of a TV show never works. :p *tries to avoid netflix completely now*

          Okay. I haven’t heard of any of the books you just mentioned (fic or non), which means I have to look them up, meaning you’re officially instigating my binge reading. Thanks Aura… -.- Haha!

          P.s. It’s always lovely to hear from you. Thank you for all the wonderful comments you always leave! I love reading them. ^.^

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