Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Day to Night

Flash Fiction Friday

Mackinac Island: Day to Night

The fifth, and final, installment in my Mackinac Island series. See the other parts here.

The day draws to a close. The light path is now long gone, stolen into the sky by the jealous sun. The blinding glitter of reflected sunlight on the water becomes a thing of the past, vanished from our eyes where it once burned its image so brightly. The once boisterous atmosphere, brought about by the vibrant burning of the sun, begins to wane. The light follows the sun. Together they dip behind the horizon, dragging the last remnants of the day’s energy with them.

In their wake, they leave only a peaceful aura. It accompanies the settling darkness, leaving us with an almost empty feeling. Yet it’s not hollow. It’s not void of feeling. The darkness in itself is reflective, allowing us to commit the day’s events to memory with a euphoria that leaves only the good and tosses the bad.

With a single glance cast back out from shore, the haze settles in once more. It first masks the island. Moving quickly it follows to consume the bridge and finally the entire lake. It encompasses everything, shielding its secrets once more as if to prepare them for another day, another set of curious eyes looking to discover a world of beauty and wonder.


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