Say what?! In a little over a month my blog has managed to attract 50 followers?! You’ve got to be kidding me. This is a practical joke, right? >.>  <.< A glitch, perhaps…? No?! 0.0 *dies*

I am so grateful to each and every person who follows my blog(and apparently likes reading the musings of an insane person :p)! Words honestly can’t even describe how elated I am to see that giant orange/reddish sticker! :p Haha!

Though, I feel like with all the support you wonderful people have given me I really want to give something back in return, but I’m so new to this blogging thing that I don’t even know what that would be… an extra piece of writing? A cute (and poorly done) Photoshop picture? I just… I dunno what people do to celebrate achievements on their blogs so I really want to leave this up to you guys. If you could make one request of me, what would it be? It can be a question you’d like answered, a meme, a picture, a writing snippet. Whatever. Heck, I might even try a dare if that’s what y’all want. :p Just leave it as a comment below and I’ll see what I can whip up to show my thanks and appreciation for all you lovely people!


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