Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Author Duos You’d LOVE To See Write A Book Together (Oct. 13, 2015)

Tuesday!!! Wam Bam Thank you Ma’am! Today The Broke and The Bookish has brought us their Top Ten Tuesday theme entitled ‘Author Duos You’d Love to See Write a Book Together’. Woah! That’s a mouthful and it was hard! Yet, I managed ten duos. Let’s take a gander, shall we?

  1. Kass Morgan & Lois Lowry
    I think that these two have similar writing styles. Both are told from third person limited with a very detailed way of explaining the world that they’ve created. For that reason I think these two would create an awesome dystopian, post-apocalyptic, science fiction novel. Yeah, it’d be everything! :p
  2. Lauren Oliver & Suzanne Collins
    These are more of a contrast than anything. Lauren Oliver wrote an excellent love triangle, in my opinion, while Suzanne Collins knew how to write the exciting scenes. I think that if these two combined their strengths, their book would be epic!
  3. James Dashner & Lois Lowry
    This is a contrast when it comes to writing styles. Lois Lowry uses extremely precise language, giving everything an explanation, and making it all very clear. James Dashner is vague as vague can be. He even throws in plenty of words that make so little sense to people that they get lost in some of the diction of the characters. For that reason, I want to see these two write together. I’d want to see what kind of language they’d use.
  4. Scott Westerfeld & Lauren Oliver
    Worlds. Dystopians. Surgeries. These two are already pretty much the same writer what with their crossed ideas and worlds and that’s exactly why they need to write a book together. Their book would be seriously amazing! They’d be able to add another corrupt dystopian civilization with an amazing heroine who has to leave to understand, and a love triangle to boot. It’d be the best book ever written!
  5. George R. R. Martin & Kiera Cass
    These two write for completely different age groups and it’s that reason that I’d want them to come together. George R. R. Martin creates a divine world in A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s complete with fantasy and realistic drama while Kiera Cass’ The Selection is more teenager, center-of-the-universe styled. I think Kiera has some seriously potential to become an amazing world-builder. However, I think George R. R. Martin could help pull some of the fluff out of her writing and really grit down the intense scenes with the rebels.
  6. Shakespeare & James Dashner
    These two both love to make up words of their own. I can only imagine what kind of crazy, incomprehensible words these two would come up with if they were able to write a book together. (Not sure I’d understand any of it, but it’d still be fun to try. :p)
  7. Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl & Veronica Roth
    The co-authors of ‘Beautiful Creatures’ could seriously take a play from the intensity book. Their world was full of intrigue, mystery, and hidden plots. Yet, it just didn’t have the intensity that kept me interested and it felt so bland. I think that if they were to pair up with Veronica Roth they’d be able to get a taste of intensity that could really lend a hand to their writing.
  8. Shakespeare & Dr. Seuss
    Alright. Another silly one, but for some reason I think that these two would be hilarious together. Rhymes. Made-up words. No one would have any idea what was going on, or if any of it was real, but it’d be amazing! Haha!
  9. J. K. Rowling & Veronica Roth
    I put this one in here because I want J.K. Rowling to take a play from Veronica’s book: kill the character! Harry Potter was an amazing series, but the ending was trash. I don’t care about everyone’s arguments explaining that the ending wasn’t actually happy since Harry can’t die, but allowing him to leave is just crap. He should’ve died. By the time we reached the end of book seven I was so ready for him to be dead. I praise Veronica for killing off the MC. Best decision ever.
  10. The Brothers’ Grimm & Everyone!
    I love love love The Brothers’ Grimm. I think absolutely every author should take a hint from them and add a little darkness to their books. Happy Endings are boring. Stories can be enchanting and should tell us lessons, but they don’t all have to be sugar plums and rainbows. Grit is in. Let’s do this!

Well, that is a list of author’s whom I think should pair up to write books (even though some are dead). There are a lot of repeats because I haven’t done a lot of reading lately. I’m working on it. :p But what are your thoughts on whom I paired? Do you agree? Do you think I’m absolutely bats-for-brains crazy? Let me hear it!


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