Halloween Wedding!

Hey y’all! So, as I posted yesterday on my monthly update my brother just got married this past weekend, on Halloween to be exact! It was such a blast! We got to wear costumes to the reception, where I went as a renaissance-styled Harley Quinn, and there was a candy bar and a s’mores bar. Basically I ate way too much and officially need to get back to the gym. :p

However, my favorite part of the wedding was having the opportunity to show my love and support for the union of my brother to his new wife. I did so by giving a speech at their wedding. I did this to truly show just how quirky and compatible the two of them were and I decided that I would share it with all of you(with the approval of the newly weds, of course. :p) So, here’s the speech I wrote and presented at the wedding! Hope you like it!

To The Bride & Groom

Once upon a time in a land far, far away known to all as Wisconsin lived a beautiful, golden-haired Pharmacist who dreamed of finding her one true love. For that is how all fairy tales begin. A princess, or a pharmacist, trapped in a tower, or a frozen tundra, sitting await for her prince charming, but this was no ordinary princess. No, you see this princess was determined, tenacious, and very particular about the characteristics she needed her prince to have. So, she searched high and low, over mountain and valley, through forest and grove, and even through the vast expanse of the interwebs to find the man that would be her prince, but what she found instead was a Beast.

The Beast was not from her land. In fact, he had traveled hundreds of miles, battling dragons and witches, sea monsters of the deep and ogres of the forests, to reach this land of beer and cheese. Once here this Beast used his gift of eloquence to tempt the princess into a date that ventured far outside the safety of her beloved fortress of Fond du Lac. It was then, when he had her by the hand, that the Beast became all too capable of bewitching the dear princess. He enchanted her. He beguiled her. Just like that he whisked her away into a fairy tale of his own, a fairy tale that had long since enraptured the princess: a fairy tale known as ‘geekdom’.

To Comic Con and C2E2 the two of them went, hand in hand before the fray of batmans and jokers, katniss everdeens and stormtroopers. They traveled across vast plains to the land of Madison where they were swept up in the addictive scent of used bookstores and consumed by the sweet scent of chocolate mochas with snowy caps of whipped cream. But it was on a warm July night in the land of the princess’s birth that the Beast cast his final spell: a silver ring inlaid with blue, a color that the princess, try as she might, could not resist. With a simple trinket and a single word, the spell was complete. The Beast had won. The princess was his, but that’s just the prologue.

Now on this, the eve of all hallows’, when ghosts and ghouls dance a merry jig, the Beast and princess have played the ultimate trick so that they may together taste the sweetest treat… and so begins chapter one.


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