Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: ‘The Day That Never Comes’ by Break of Reality(Cover)

Flash Fiction Friday

The Day That Never Comes” by Break of Reality(cover version)

Darkness clings to the world as a lone figure stands like a shadow on the beach. The waves give and take. Wind drifts casually across the sand.

Slowly, the figure moves. Closer and closer to the water’s edge they step as if called by an invisible force.

Stronger the waves crash onto the beach, spraying the figure with salt water like desperately reaching fingers. With a snap the wind whips up. It tugs at the figure as if in warning of the sea. Yet, they continue. They welcome the chaos with calm serenity and unwavering steps. Ravenously the water swallows the figure.

Vanished from sight, the storm settles once more. The gentle push and pull of the water gives no sign of the body devoured mere moments before. It moves undisturbed by the sorrowful wind, whom hangs above with a heaviness that taints the sky in darkness. All too soon the sky weeps. Clashing against the sea, it disturbs the black waters in its forlorn attempts to recall the body from the watery depths.

Enraged, the water crashes against the cliff side, struggling to fight back against the sky. Yet, its attempts are futile. The waters can’t reach. Forced to endure the pounding of the rain it shows its anger through the aggressive wafting of its waves, but the rain strengthens.

Lightning and thunder crack across the sky. They strike the waters below. The combined force of the waves and lightning pulls a whirlpool to life, revealing the sea floor. A single figure lays there, sodden and motionless.

Clouds swirl. Above the whirlpool they twist, stretching towards the water. Fiercely the sky strives for the figure. The sea returns the challenge, its whirlpool gaining force until it collides with the hurricane in a brutal clash of elements. Both selfishly vie for the figure. A violent storm brews in their wake, whipping the figure back and forth through the chaos until one tugs too hard.

Back to land the figure returns. Neither jealous force wins.


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