Month of Thanks

Month of Thanks: Day 9

Day 9: Fire

Fire. I thank the cavemen who discovered how to make and harness fire because those guys were geniuses! Fire is everything to us. We may not always realize it and use it more for decoration in a stone hearth, but fire has so many essential uses that it will never go out of style.

Fire gives us warmth. We, humans, have so little protective fur to keep ourselves warm that some times clothing isn’t even enough to keep us warm, but fire will always do that. Fire always radiates heat. It will keep us alive when all else fails.

Fire cooks our food. Whether you are a carnivore, omnivore, or herbivore, fire is there for you. It cooks meat, sanitizes water, bakes bread. Fire provides us with sustenance in more ways that we can possibly know.

Frankly, if it ever came down to an apocalypse, fire may end up being the one thing standing between us and the zombies, (literally) because we all know zombies don’t like fire. Neither do werewolves or vampires for that matter. :p See! Just look at all the wonderful uses!

List of Thanks

Day 1: Family
Day 2: Music
Day 3: Health
Day 4: Coffee
Day 5: Friends
Day 6: Language
Day 7: Pets
Day 8: Stories


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