Month of Thanks

Month of Thanks: Day 11

Day 11: Snow

Yes! I love snow! For all the people who don’t like the cold or whom have never experienced snow, you may not understand, but I love snow! It’s so white and fluffy. It drifts down gently or rockets across the sky in a blizzard. Either way it settles on the ground, soft and welcoming, just begging you to jump on it and play with it.

You can build snowmen and snow angels. You can prepare snow forts and have snowball fights. You can catch it on your tongue and let it melt into nothingness. You can ski, snowboard, sled, or snowshoe. Or you can simply sit at a window and watch it in all its magnificence. It may be cold. It might even be freezing, but there is nothing in the world that comes close to the pure radiance that is snow.

What’s more, it’s a gorgeous, and natural, force of nature. Each snowflake is individual. Each one carries its own unique pattern. That is the beauty that is snow. [And being able to come in and sit by a fire afterwards is always worth it, too. 😉 ]

List of Thanks

Day 1: Family
Day 2: Music
Day 3: Health
Day 4: Coffee
Day 5: Friends
Day 6: Language
Day 7: Pets
Day 8: Stories
Day 9: Fire
Day 10: Technology


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