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Book Fangirling Blog Award

I would like to thank the gorgeous Giovanna over at Book Coma Blog for nominating for the Book Fangirling Blog Award! Woo! So much fun! I love tags! :p

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🍁Answer the questions I have below.
🍁Nominate between 5-10 book bloggers who you think also deserve this award.
🍁Come up with your own 5 questions for your nominees.

Giovanna’s Questions

1.) In your opinion, what is the worst book to movie adaptation?
Worst book to movie adaptation? Oh gosh! Why must you give me such a difficult question? I can’t even count all the movies that were poor representations of books, but I suppose I have to go with ‘Divergent’ because it was just so wrong starting with the absolute dreadful, completely botched up job they did on the casting! UGH! I just… no. I won’t rant. Moving on… -.-

2.) If any book character could be your real life boyfriend/girlfriend, who would it be?
Um… At first I couldn’t think of anyone, but then I looked through my read books list on Goodreads and found quite a few actually. Haha! I mean, I love me a badboy so Draco Malfoy is on the list, but he’s a bit of a pansy. I like Zane from ‘Pretties‘, but he might be a little too (heehee) pretty-minded. Then, there’s Bellamy from ‘The 100‘ series, but he’s a little too bipolar in what he wants for me. Finally we come to Reece from ‘Gambit‘. He’s probably who I’d pick because he’s a dash of danger, audacious, commanding, caring, and goodness knows what else will be revealed about him in book two.

3.) What book series does EVERYONE love but you LOATHE?
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I just read this book last month based on everyone’s high recommendations and glowing praise of the book and I must say that I was extremely disappointed. It used every cliché known to young adult fiction in the worst way possible. In so doing, the book was not only predictable, but the main character had no personality and no driving factor. It was probably one of the flattest, most boring books, I have read in some time. The sad part is the potential that the plot line had to be great.

4.) What is your favorite book to Fangirl over?
Favorite book to fangirl over… hmm… wow. I am really into ‘Gambit’ by C. L. Denault at the moment, but fangirling alone is hardly any fun. *sigh* So, to communally fangirl with people I have to go with ‘A Game of Thrones’ by George R. R. Martin because the world-building is epic and the multiple personalities are written very well (even if I hate a few of them. :p)

5.) If you could choose one song that goes perfectly with your favorite book, which song would you chose and for what book?
Okay. In order to pick a song I’d need a favorite book and that’s pretty much impossible! Even if I could pick a book, I’d had multiple songs for one book based on the part of the book that I was reading. Ugh! So difficult! Alright! I will pick the book ‘Uglies’ by Scott Westerfeld because I read it recently and found it to be really good! As for the song that embodies the book in my mind… ‘One Woman Army’ by Porcelain Black.


1) Lia @ BookLand
2) Nicola @ Rust and Stardust
3) Blondeusk @ Blonde Write More
4) Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard
5) Amy @ Book Enthral

Questions For Nominees

1) Outside of books, what else do you fangirl over?
2) What book is your secret guilty pleasure? (aka you’re a closet fan of the book/series)
3) Which book world would you visit/live in if given the opportunity? And why?
4) If you could choose one book item (creature/technology/magical element/etc) to be reality, what would you choose?
5) What plot cliché irks you the most? (happy ever after/best friend loves main character/main character is face of rebellion/main character is perfect or super unique)


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