Month of Thanks

Month of Thanks: Day 17

Day 17: Color

That’s right. Laugh all you want, but I’m grateful for color. There are so many colors in the world, natural and man-made, and each one has its own personality. Each one says something different. Each one has the power to evoke emotion, spark a memory, and change the way someone feels, and it’s just color. It’s just a splash of dye, or refraction of light. Yet, it’s powerful, beautiful, mesmerizing, and we utilize them readily.

We blend them and mix them to make new colors. We place them in logos and advertisements. We give them names and pick favorites. Color surrounds us. It’s even part of us and I can’t imagine it any other way because a grey world would be very dreary indeed.

List of Thanks

Day 1: Family
Day 2: Music
Day 3: Health
Day 4: Coffee
Day 5: Friends
Day 6: Language
Day 7: Pets
Day 8: Stories
Day 9: Fire
Day 10: Technology
Day 11: Snow
Day 12: Pain
Day 13: Diversity
Day 14: Nature
Day 15: Education
Day 16: Time


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