Month of Thanks

Month of Thanks: Day 18

Day 18: Handwritten Letters

This is something that is so lost on today’s generations what with the countless options for communication: texting, tweeting, instagraming, snapchatting. While these may be quick, they’ve lost meaning. They’re not personal. Children nowadays don’t understand the time and determination it takes to hand-write a letter to someone, the feeling of receiving a letter in the mail that someone painstakingly scribbled out, the hidden messages from the person’s handwriting or the type of paper they use.

There was a time when handwritten letters were the only means of communication. People waited months for letters. A love letter, a get well card, an update on the family, even news of a soldier gone off to war. Handwritten letters had so much purpose and now they’ve been discarded as part of a lost generation. Yet, I’m grateful for them.

I’m grateful for the birthday cards from my grandparents(now many years passed away), for the scribbles and broken English of pen pals, for the letters from my mother while I was at camp because each one is attached to a memory. Each one holds more weight than a thousand tweets or a thousand blog posts. Each one is unique to me and re-emphasizes the love that those people bear for me. In turn, I enjoy writing handwritten letters(even though my handwriting is garbage) because it’s that little extra work and time required to actually write out and mail the letter that makes all the difference to people and, for the people who matter most, that extra time and effort is worth it, now and forever.

List of Thanks

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2 thoughts on “Month of Thanks: Day 18”

  1. I find it to be ridiculous that kids these days are using Ipads instead of computers in classrooms. Next thing we know, they aren’t gonna teach kids how to write with a pencil or type on computer keys. They’ll just need to know how to use the index fingers on a screen. 🙄
    And yeah, I know we did evolve from just using our hands, to using computers, but when there is too much of something, one of them has to get knocked off and we all know which one would go first…


    1. Oh man! I just… no! Typing on computers has made things much easier for work and communication. However, ipads are unnecessary. There is a point where it’s excessive and there should seriously be an age requirement. Kids should not be using ipads or personal laptops or any of that in school. It’s not needed! It’s just crippling them to be unable to function without it.
      And soon they’ll have holograms or something! Ugh!
      Plus! Touch screens suck! Ugh! I want a phone that has a full keyboard again because I can’t, for the life of me, type on a touch screen. If I can’t even write a text with a touch screen, how am I supposed to write an essay or a full novel? Just no!


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