Monthly Update{Nov}

Well, November is a bit a halfsies month. It was a mixture of good and bad and I’m going to start with the bad to get it out of the way. Sound good? Cool.

So, my goals for November were 1) NaNoWriMo, and then 2) write a draft of ‘Stratagem’ or edit ‘Sota Radiation’. Well, I didn’t touch ‘Stratagem’, nor did I receive any feedback from my betareaders on ‘Sota Radiation’ in order to edit it. As such, my second goal of the month was a bust. However, November is always my busiest month of the year what with Thanksgiving, my birthday, and deer hunting season(a bust, too. Too warm when I went hunting for deer. :/ )

On to the good news!

I won NaNoWriMo! Woo! Aka I wrote 50,000 words in my brand new novel currently entitled ‘Divers’. (The title’s a WIP. :p) It’s not a finished draft yet, but it’s a pretty gosh darn good start as I only plan to make it the finished first draft around 80,000 words. (YA genre norms.) Lastly, the graph below is a show of how my writing went for the month of November in regards to NaNoWriMo. (It’s really scattered. :p)


Additionally, I may not have worked on ‘Sota Radiation’ or ‘Stratagem’, but I did manage to finish my latest round of edits in my YA dystopian novel, ‘Reeducation’. As such, I’m moving it to betareader stage! Yay!

Since I managed to start my novel ‘Divers’ via NaNoWriMo in November, I’d say it’s time to finish the first draft. Therefore, one of my goals this month is to write the last 30,000 words in this novel, which will put me with another draft to rotate through my writing schedule. Yay!

My second goal for December will be finding betareaders for ‘Sota Radiation’ and ‘Reeducation’. I hope to have critiques/comments/reviews back from betareaders by the end of the month so that I can finally move these two on to their final edit phase. (Hopefully. Maybe they’re not as polished as I think :p Guess we’ll find out.)

I’m adding a third goal this month seeing as number two isn’t really an active goal that I can work on. This last goal is to really sit my butt down and edit ‘Inferiore’. It gave me so much sass when I tried to edit it back in October to the point where I pushed it aside and hid from my computer for some time, but it’s about dang time I put it in its place. So, by the end of December, I want to have a fully edited draft of ‘Inferiore.’

November Posts

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Month of Thanks
Day 1: Family
Day 2: Music
Day 3: Health
Day 4: Coffee
Day 5: Friends
Day 6: Language
Day 7: Pets
Day 8: Stories
Day 9: Fire
Day 10: Technology
Day 11: Snow
Day 12: Pain
Day 13: Diversity
Day 14: Nature
Day 15: Education
Day 16: Time
Day 17: Color
Day 18: Handwritten Letters
Day 19: Food
Day 20: Dance
Day 21: The 5 Senses
Day 22: Smiles
Day 23: Freedom
Day 24: Clean Water
Day 25: Laughter
Day 26: Thanksgiving
Day 27: Seasons
Day 28: Lotion
Day 29: Hoods
Day 30: Sun

Searching For…

I am looking for reading challenges for 2016 to participate in. If you have any ideas please suggest them to me as I really want to get more involved(on the Timmy!) ^.^

Also, I am looking for both critique partners and beta readers who are interested in reading young adult science fiction and dystopian novels. For crit partners, it’s fine if you write in a different genre than I write in. I am completely open to reading and critique a different genre. ^.^


8 thoughts on “Monthly Update{Nov}”

  1. I recently created a blog and I would love to critique and be critiqued myself on some work. I’m very open to exchanging scripts and chapters. I have a post about my working title and a short summary of the beginnings of my new novel.

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    1. Hi there! I would be interested in discussing more about whether or not we might be compatible CPs(critique partners). Do you by chance have a Twitter account? (It’s easier to communicate with than blog comments.)


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