Days of Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas…

advent12Do you believe in Santa?

Alright. Truth time. I spent hours and hours searching online for ideas on what to blog about for my twenty-five days of Christmas because I couldn’t think of hardly anything. Most of them said the same things: presents, cookies, crafts, etc, etc. However, one item that kept popping up seemed a bit odd to me: Do you believe in Santa?

I found it strange because I’m an adult. I don’t believe in Santa. My parents told me years ago that Santa didn’t exist after I almost got into a fight about it at school. (Those annoying parents who tell their children early were my downfall.) Of course, my natural reaction to being told that Santa wasn’t real was ‘does that mean the Tooth Fairy isn’t real either?’

It didn’t bother me really. Perhaps part of me already knew, not that I was clever enough, or cared enough to try and see a glimpse of him. Yet, it wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t feel like my parents had lied to me or any of those things that people are worried about. I was just kind of like ‘oh. well darn.’ After all, Santa’s a pretty cool dude. Who wouldn’t want him to be real?

Even so, the question got me thinking. Do I still believe in Santa? No. Not really, but at the same time, yes. Santa doesn’t have to be actually real, to be tangible, to somehow magically pop into people’s houses and leave presents for all of them. It’s the idea of Santa that’s what I believe in. Let me explain…

Santa, out of the goodness of his heart, brings presents to all the good little boys and girls in the world. By doing so, he is teaching them to be good. He’s also showing kindness by giving presents, and allowing them to experience the joy of receiving presents. That is the kind of thing that stays with a person. At an early age they learn what it means to have the Christmas spirit, unlike Mr. Scrooge.

So, in this sense, I do believe in Santa. I believe in the kindness, joy, and wonder he brings to the world even if it’s just the thought of him that counts.

Movies To Watch
1) The Santa Claus
2) Unaccompanied Minor
3) How the Grinch Stole Christmas
4) Scrooged
5) Love Actually
6) Home Alone
7) Home Alone 2
8) Nothing Like the Holidays
9) The Holiday
10) Rise of The Guardians
11) Rudolph, The Red-nosed Reindeer
12) Frosty, The Snowman
Activities To Do
1) Decorate the Tree
2) Make Cookies
3) Build a Gingerbread House
4) Visit Christkindlmarkt
5) Ice Skating
6) Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace
7) Build a Snowman
8) Snowball Fight
9) Complete Holiday Puzzle
10) Read ‘A Christmas Carol’
11) Christmas Party
12) Participate in Secret Santa

Do you still believe in Santa? How did you find out he wasn’t real?

11 thoughts on “On the 12th day of Christmas…”

  1. I love this post! And I feel your pain, the parents who tell their children too early that santa doesn’t exist was my downfall as well. Amyway, it’s such a lovely tradition and it adds to that Christmas spirit, magic and mystery. Thankfully, we as “adults” still have Home Alone, right!?:)

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  2. I think, in the back of my mind, I always knew that Santa wasn’t real. The last time I believed in him was probably when I was 5. I just think it’s a tradition that will never die. I tell my niece all the time that Santa is real…I don’t think she really believes me, but it’s worth a shot. 😉

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