Days of Christmas

On the 16th day of Christmas…

advent16People really love getting into the Christmas spirit. Even with all the decorations aside, people like to get themselves, personally, into the holiday spirit and one way that women, in particular, prepare themselves is by getting manicures! But not just any manicures, Christmas-inspired manicures. ^.^

Now, I haven’t always been the most feminine and for years I didn’t want to get manicures, or didn’t want to pay for them (because they can be expensive depending on what you get). Though, I, too, fell to the whims of such a superficial activity. After all, my mother loved getting her nails done and always wanted to drag me along for ‘mother/daughter bonding time’.

Even so, I generally do my own nails. (I suck at it. :p It’s sloppy. The nail polish is everywhere. The lines are crooked. The layers have missing patches.) But what do I care? It’s cheaper and I bash my nails into so many things they chip in a day anyway. Haha! That being said, I have also done my own Christmas-inspired nails in the past. Super basic. I took red and silver nail polish and made diagonal lines to look like candy canes. (Yeah, silver. I was too lazy to buy white. :p)

However! This year I was going to go ahead and get my nails done. Even had plans to meet a friend at the salon only to look outside and find it absolutely pouring rain. Rain! I mean, come on! It’s freakin’ December and there’s rain. -.- Needless to say, it kind of killed my Christmas mood (and my mood to leave the house). So, I canceled. My friend was cool with that. She had stuff to do around her apartment anyway, but that still left me with unpolished nails. *sigh*

nails.jpgSo, in my usual pathetic attempts at being Christmasy with my nails I painted them myself… Okay! You caught me! I painted one hand. >.> It was all I had time for, and probably a good thing at that. They look terrible! :p I guess painting, drawing, and anything that requires dexterity will not be my forte. Guess I’ll stick to writing. Hee hee!

P.s. This picture makes my hands look so ugly! Good thing I don’t need them to look pretty to type on a keyboard. :p

Movies To Watch
1) The Santa Claus
2) Unaccompanied Minor
3) How the Grinch Stole Christmas
4) Scrooged
5) Love Actually
6) Home Alone
7) Home Alone 2
8) Nothing Like the Holidays
9) The Holiday
10) Rise of The Guardians
11) Rudolph, The Red-nosed Reindeer
12) Frosty, The Snowman
Activities To Do
1) Decorate the Tree
2) Make Cookies
3) Build a Gingerbread House
4) Visit Christkindlmarkt
5) Ice Skating
6) Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace
7) Build a Snowman
8) Snowball Fight
9) Complete Holiday Puzzle
10) Read ‘A Christmas Carol’
11) Christmas Party
12) Participate in Secret Santa

Do you paint your nails in the holiday spirit? What do they look like? Did you do them yourself or have someone else with a steady hand do them? I’d love to see pictures!


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