Days of Christmas

On the 17th day of Christmas…

Frosty the ‘Creepy’ Snowman

Of the many movies on my to-watch list for this season, ‘Frosty the Snowman’ is a classic. Every one has to watch it. It’s one of those that has become a staple in the holiday season what with snowmen being built outside, cookies shaped like snowmen, snowmen decorations. Frosty is definitely part of the holiday season. As such, it was only expected that it be one of the movies watched, right? Wrong!

This movie is so weird, so odd, and so wrong in so many different ways! Granted, it’s an animated movie. Most animated are going to have strange non-realistic things such as people being able to understand rabbit-speak. Animals play a huge role in this childhood classic. In fact, the woodland creatures even steal ornaments, garland, and lights from nearby houses to hang on their own Christmas tree in the middle of the woods. To add to the wonderful insanity that are these intelligent beings, they build a fire for the little girl so she can stay warm. The animals build the fire… Okay. Where’s the Smokey the bear on this one? -.-

Now, those we could probably let slide. It’s a children’s animated movie, after all, and most children would think nothing of it. In fact, most children probably think nothing of most of the oddities in this movie. I did, though. Like… the police man who swallows his whistle while conducting traffic. He doesn’t just swallow it, though, it gets stuck in his windpipe allowing him to make whistling noises and yet… he can breath. >.> Not likely.

What’s also not likely is the little girl wearing a dress and no pants in the middle of winter! Come on! Where’s the responsible parent? Oh right! She doesn’t care about the child as long as the girl is home in time for dinner, which is why it’s totally okay for the dress-wearing girl to illegally hitch a ride with a snowman as stowaways in a ice box of a train because they don’t have $3,000 to make it the North Pole. -.-

Of course, let’s not forget the part where the creator of the story finally realizes this little girl is wearing nothing but a dress. So, now she’s cold and the only way to save her is by having Frosty join her in the greenhouse… The greenhouse… in the middle of the forest… in the middle of nowhere… Right. Even with saving the little girl’s life, Frosty can’t handle the heat. Aka he melts. He melts! Right in front of the girl, slowly, and likely monologuing as he’s doing so. What child wouldn’t be traumatized by that?! 0.0 Are you kidding me?!

Oh, but it’s okay! Santa and his four reindeer- that’s right, ‘four’. Hard times at the North Pole? Santa just had to kill off Comet, and Cupid, and Donner, and Blitzen or something? We won’t even mention Rudolph… But even so, Santa and his four reindeer find them (because the magical fire-building woodland creatures receive presents from Santa and were able to direct him to the greenhouse) and save Frosty. Not forgetting to the tell the evil, hat-chasing magician that he must write lines 100 zillion times to make amends for his bad deeds. (Obviously this script was written by a child…)

Finally, with the villain ‘vanquished’ and Frosty saved, Frosty, the little girl, and Santa decide to dance around in a circle in the middle of the woods with psychedelic colors flashing behind them… (We sure this wasn’t made in the 70s?) Only then does Santa drop the little girl off on her roof… Yes, her roof. Not the ground. Not in her bedroom. On the freaking roof! How’s she supposed to get down from there, Santa?! What’s with that? Maybe someone will get in her in the morning… you know, if she doesn’t freeze to death in her dang dress first! Goodness!

I’m sorry, but this movies is so wrong on so many levels that I just… can’t. *shake my head*

Movies To Watch
1) The Santa Claus
2) Unaccompanied Minor
3) How the Grinch Stole Christmas
4) Scrooged
5) Love Actually
6) Home Alone
7) Home Alone 2
8) Nothing Like the Holidays
9) The Holiday
10) Rise of The Guardians
11) Rudolph, The Red-nosed Reindeer
12) Frosty, The Snowman
Activities To Do
1) Decorate the Tree
2) Make Cookies
3) Build a Gingerbread House
4) Visit Christkindlmarkt
5) Ice Skating
6) Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace
7) Build a Snowman
8) Snowball Fight
9) Complete Holiday Puzzle
10) Read ‘A Christmas Carol’
11) Christmas Party
12) Participate in Secret Santa

Have you watched Frosty the Snowman before? Did you ever find it as disturbing as I did? 


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