Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Light

Bright, harsh light bleeds down upon me from the ceiling, carelessly poured from plastic cages. It taunts me. Its eery, florescent glare beats down on me as if trying to invade my thoughts. Encasing me, it blocks out all things soothing. Only a cold, blinding world surrounds me, trying to hold me back and trap me. Yet, I run.

Faster and faster, I run. Looking only for an escape, I turn corner after corner, but no doors appear, no option for evacuation. Just a long hallway. Even more glaring light hangs there, but an orange hue accompanies it. Something draws me forwards.

The window yields. Softly, sunlight pours through into the sky walk in an evening glow even though it’s still mid-afternoon. Rays glance off my cheek. My skin absorbs the warmth, craving the comforting feeling whisked on its coattails.

Standing there, my eyes close. I allow the light to envelop me, draping me in a sense of calm. It blankets the worries. It pushes them from sight, leaving only the peace and the clarity of thought.


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