Days of Christmas

On the 19th day of Christmas…

Gingerbread House

I’ve never been one to bake, or cook, or… well any of that stuff! :p Whenever it came to holiday cookies, holiday desserts, holiday meals, or anything food related, I stayed away… FAR away. Hee hee! I’m a terrible cook. I’m that person that burns toast, ruins pasta, and turns lovely looking cookies into a giant cookie sheet because they merge in the oven. Aka I’m not allowed to be part of the cooking. (Self-inflicted rule :p)

Even so, I’ve always quite enjoyed building gingerbread houses. They’re always so much fun. You frost the walls and roof together and then decorate it with more frosting, sprinkles, gum drops, licorice, peppermints, etc, etc, etc. Anything and everything you could want to tantalize your tastebuds with can go on these gorgeous edible houses. The best part is you can buy them! Haha! You can just pick a box up from the store, all items included, and throw the thing together in a short time. It’s a little annoying not having as much freedom as you would from scratch, but for a cookie-burner like me, this is great! ^.^

Until this year…

My sister-in-law said she would more than willing to build a gingerbread house with me. Yay! But it had to be from scratch. Crap. -.- I was all like ‘why?! Why can’t we just buy one from the store and put it together?’ Nope. She’d have none of it. Absolutely none of it. If we were going to build a gingerbread house it had to be from scratch. Great… This was going to be one terrible-looking and worse-tasting gingerbread house because if I can’t even figure out how to make regular cookies, how am I to make gingerbread?

Well, good news! She agreed to bake it for me as long as I found a recipe. Score! (I get the easy part of the deal here. :p) And that’s exactly what I did. I found a random recipe (since I know nothing about the quality of recipes) and tonight she’ll bake that sucker up for me, probably even make the frosting for me, and she, my brother, and I will decorate the lovely, delicious, tasty item until our mouths water just from looking at it. Now, the question becomes… how long will we wait to eat it?

I used to be the one to admire the house. After building it, I didn’t want to eat it, but the problem with that is it goes hard. I don’t mean like… cookie hard. I mean rock hard. It becomes a brick you’ll break your teeth on. So, I’ll probably have to eat this one pretty quick this year. After all, we can’t have all that hard from-scratch work go to waste, right? :p

Movies To Watch
1) The Santa Claus
2) Unaccompanied Minor
3) How the Grinch Stole Christmas
4) Scrooged
5) Love Actually
6) Home Alone
7) Home Alone 2
8) Nothing Like the Holidays
9) The Holiday
10) Rise of The Guardians
11) Rudolph, The Red-nosed Reindeer
12) Frosty, The Snowman
Activities To Do
1) Decorate the Tree
2) Make Cookies
3) Build a Gingerbread House
4) Visit Christkindlmarkt
5) Ice Skating
6) Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace
7) Build a Snowman
8) Snowball Fight
9) Complete Holiday Puzzle
10) Read ‘A Christmas Carol’
11) Christmas Party
12) Participate in Secret Santa

Have you ever built a Gingerbread house? Did you eat it right away or wait until it was rock-hard to chow into it? Perhaps you even dunked pieces in hot cocoa?


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