New Years Resolutions

Giovanna’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

Hi I’m Giovanna, I’m a 26 year old blogger from Arizona.  I run a blog called BookComa, and judging by the title you can probably guess that it is a book blog. I love reading and art. My favorite genre at the moment is Young Adult Contemporary. but I’m looking to change it up a bit in the New Year. The author I am OBSESSED with right now, is Sarah Dessen. She’s Everything, I just love her. Melanie asked me to share a few of my New Year’s resolutions, and I thought, why not!?

Usually, I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I either don’t set any, or I give in and set a few and then never go through with them. Well this year, I decided that that was going to change. The last two years of my life have been tough and I am going to make the conscious decision to change what is in my power to change and work to become my best self. 2016 is going to be my serious year. No playing games. I can do this. I WILL do this.

1. My first resolution is book related.

Next year I would like to broaden my reading horizons a bit. I’m 26, so I want to read more “age appropriate” books. Even though I admittingly hate the whole “age appropriate” BS.  At the moment, I am OBSESSED with YA. I’m sorry, but YA always seems to have the best stories to tell. YA just gets me. I want to start reading more Adult Fiction or New Adult books, but I already know that this will be a serious challenge, seeing as the books that would be considered “age appropriate” for me are either a) Lame aka boring as hell, or b) PORN.No Thanks! I’m not gonna stop reading YA though, I don’t think I can bare it! I also want to branch out into other genres like, Science Fiction and Fantasy and maybe even a few Classics. Melanie will have to help with with this one!


2. My second resolution is the most generic resolution that is shared by BILLIONS!

In 2016 I want to eat healthier. I have a serious sweet tooth: I love sugar, I love pastries and anything bread like, really (bagels are my weakness). But I have to give all of that up, and at this point, I am okay with that… I think.
They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. I’ve started early on this one by adopting a plant based diet and so far it is going well. I just hope it can weather 2016 and beyond 😐


3. Last but certainly not least: POSITIVITY.

Now, I will be the first to admit, at times, I can be a less than a positive person, a Negative Nancy if you will. In my defense, most of the time when I am being negative, I am doing it for pure comedic value, but I am thinking maybe I should lighten up a bit. This one is probably gonna be the hardest because anyone who knows me knows that this is my staple and it’s just so funny being negative sometimes.

So there you have it…My three resolutions for 2016. Let’s see how long it takes for them to crash and burn…Oops!

Thanks Melanie for including me in this! This was fun and I am am getting excited to kick off the new year.

Giovanna @ Book Coma Blog

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