New Years Resolutions

Lilyn’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

I only started book-blogging the last week of August of this year. I started doing it because I’d toyed with the idea for a while, and had recently got one of my co-workers (who had never really read) into reading just because I constantly talked up books to her. So I decided I’d start a blog because if I could share my opinions on books and get even more people excited about reading, I’d do it.  Considering that I have no, uhm, references to make my blog worth reading other than the fact that I read a lot, I’m shocked that I’m at the point I am now, where people are actually seeking me out and asking my opinion on certain books!

I also review books, in part, because I have an extremely stressful life, and reading helps me to escape. (I have a deceased infant daughter that died from one rare mitochondrial disease, and a living child (Miss L) that has another rare disease that will eventually kill her.) Those two factors alone can up the stress level considerably. Books are better than other stress-relieving alternatives of the adult variety.

I feel a bit unusual in the blogging sphere (on WordPress) at least, because I’m a female who reads and reviews traditionally male-oriented books (science fiction and horror). I wonder if that gives me a slightly different view on the books sometimes. It wasn’t long after I started my blog that I got hooked into reviewing books for independent authors. I love it. I mean, sometimes the stuff I’m asked to read can be… painful… don’t get me wrong. However, more often than you might think, I get hold of a really excellent book from someone that – if I depended on the library or the regular bookstores – I otherwise would never have heard of.  Now I give more time to indie author reading than I do to mass market books!

Learning how to do this blogging thing properly is definitely an on-going process, and I feel like I’m refining it every day.  So…

My Book and Blog Centric New Years Resolutions

1.)  To get a firmly established reputation, larger base of followers, and six months experience under my belt so I can start batting my eyelashes at major publishing companies and asking for ARCs to review.  I don’t mind e-books, but paperback ARCs would look ever-so-pretty on my shelves.

2.) To continue to promote Indie Authors, developing relationships with some of the Indie Publishing Houses perhaps, and hopefully be able to say “Yeah, I knew this person was going to make it big!” when they get a mass-release publishing deal. I’ll be beaming like a proud auntie. Haha!

3.) To become involved in promoting Disability and Diversity in literature. I’ve already started to do it on a small scale, but its a cause I’m developing a passion for, and so I want to really sink my fingers into it. I want to be that reviewer that authors point other authors to when they’ve got disabled and/or diverse characters in their books (being displayed in a positive way) and they want to have attention drawn to it. Especially in kids books. I want my Kids Corner (happens every Saturday) to become a positive, reliable place people can go for atypical recommendations for children’s books.

Okay, so I’ve never done a guest-blog before, and I have a feeling I probably rambled way too long, but… there you have it!

Lilyn @ Scifi and Scary Book Reviews

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