New Years Resolutions

Teresa’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions:

I have graciously been asked to guest blog on Melanie’s site. Following are what I believe are my most important resolutions for 2016.

1. My first resolution:
To take care of my health. I am a cancer survivor and as a result, I suffer from a chronic illness. I often forget to eat while writing. I also get caught up in social media before I’ve remembered to take my medication. 😬 Then I wonder why I’m feeling like crap.
I also drink way too much coffee but we won’t go there! ☕

2. My second resolution:
To make sure my extended family, I’m very reclusive by nature, (why I love FB) know just how much I really love them. I am very bad at keeping in touch. I hate talking on the phone and  I generally don’t do cards or letters or even emails,  Except for the short text now and then. Sometimes months can go by. Yes, that’s right, I said months. This year, I will at the very least try to make it weeks instead.

3. Third resolution:
To make sure I finish my second novel in a timely manner. I can’t put a date on it, obviously, but I dragged my first novel on interminably. This book, I hope to finish before next Christmas.

Thank you, Melanie for allowing me to share with your readers.
I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.

Teresa @ Teresa McRae | Author

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