New Years Resolutions

Deanna’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

Deanna’s New Year Resolution: 

I was asked my Melanie to post about my New Year Resolutions and I was happy to oblige. I’m not going to try and get in shape… I’m too lazy for that. I’m not going to try to eat healthier… it lasts a week before I crack and return to a diet of baked potatoes and popcorn (yum carbs). I am also not going to make a resolution so outrageous that I know it’s impossible to reach, like becoming the next JK Rowling or a movie star.

Firstly, I may be a writer but it will take me several reincarnations before becoming close to the level JK is, and secondly I hate being the center of attention… I hate any attention at all really (I become a socially awkward penguin). So instead, my resolutions are going to be possible, hopeful, and obtainable.

Here we go:

#1| MOVING | Don’t get me wrong, I love the North with its vast wilderness and beautiful landscapes, but there comes a time moving closer to family becomes important. I’ve been living 18 hours away from the people I love for almost seven years and it’s about time I move back to be with them.

I hope to be able to do that this year since Mr. Canuck and I are both in agreement that we should get out of the North and head elsewhere. So we shall have to wait and see.

#2|COMPLETE BOOK 2| As some may know I’m working on a YA series called Prophecy 6 (P6) that follows a young girl in discovering herself and finding her place in a world filled with conflict. Each book is dedicated to the main female character finding the other members of the prophecy. They will either change the world for the better or make things worse.

I just recently published book 1 Child of the Light in December, but it isn’t a series with only one book. The second book of the series I want to have out around Christmas of 2016… and so far I’m on track but a lot can happen in a year and writing a book isn’t all gold and roses.

#3|KITTY| Mr. Canuck (my partner) and I have wanted a fuzzy animal in our house for years now but due to landlord constraint we haven’t been able to do that. Nothing compares to a fuzzy bundle of love curled up on your lap or around your neck while you’re trying to be productive. So, hopefully resolution #1 happens so resolution #3 happens.

#4|BLOG| I need to become more consistent with my posts. I have my usual posts that people have come to enjoy, but I need to find a way to blog every day. I enjoy blogging, and I enjoy the community it has helped me become part of, but I just need to find a way to make time to dedicate more time to that community. This one will probably be the hardest resolution of all.

And so, those are my 2016 New Year Resolutions. Hopefully I can complete them all, or at least most of them on my list. It would be so awesome if I can complete all of them. We will just have to wait and see. 🙂


My name’s Deanna but most people on here call me Classy Canuck. I run the blog Prophecy Six, which focuses on my book series mentioned above. I’m Canadian, like sushi, and my favourite pet is either a Scottish fold (the stubby ears) or a mini Schnauzer (they look like grumpy old men). I’ve been writing on and off for twelve years and I am a published author, blogger, and photographer. I love the outdoors and find ways to express my creative side as much as I can. I rather spend my time alone, where I can hermit away working on one of my passions mentioned above, but sometimes if I need to socialize it is with a small group of friends.

Now, that sounds more like an online dating bio than a writer’s bio… oh well… *shrug*

Oh yeah… check out my blog… its cool and things. *thumbs up*

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