New Years Resolutions

Solveig’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 by Solveig Werner 

The last time that I sat down to consciously write down my New Year’s Resolutions was for the year 2007. The list included things such as being accepted to university, doing a crazy thing per day and going to a lot of concerts.

Now it is 2016 (I am writing this in 2015) so that means it will soon be 9 years since I finished school. Since January 2007 so many things have happened, I have changed in so many ways, but that’s a different story.

When Melanie asked me to be her guest and share my resolutions for 2016, I had a long list of things, mostly to do with my blog and writing that concretized over time. I have tried to keep it concise, fun and original.

  • I am a freelance professional, my main activity is teaching German. My goal for 2016 is to grow my teaching business. Currently I mostly teach at my student’s home or place of work or in my own home, now it is time to branch out and make use of the internet, in short: start using skype to teach. Besides that, I really enjoy teaching subjects such as literature and history, two fields that I want to focus on a bit more in the future. Sometime ago I received a comment saying that I could teach creative writing, now there we have a great idea for the future!


  • My blog, which I started in March 2015, has turned me into a good networker, still I feel that there is a lot of other networking that I should do. Thus in 2016 I want to be in touch with the people who I care about. I want to send out birthday wishes, handwrite write letters like in the old days instead of typing emails and spend even more quality time with my family.


  • I have many blogging related goals for 2016, they include posting daily at least 20 times per month, joining the A to Z challenge in April, do NanoPoblano in November, be a guest blogger more often, continue growing my blog and as a blogger.


  • In 2015 various story lines and characters introduced themselves to me, my NaNoWriMo project came to a sudden halt after the terrorist attack in Paris, in 2016 I will follow my characters and write down their respective stories. The project, once that I am done is to publish my books, but that might not be for 2016 just yet.


  • And in 2016 I would really like to see my rescue-orchids bloom. They were neglected, lacking light and over-watered and thus were meat to be chucked out, we saved them from that fate. I must confess one we found in the street… Up to now we have been rewarded with a beautiful leaves and a lot of roots. For this resolution I guess there is not much I can do, except give them love.

About the Author:
Solveig Werner grew up in 3 different countries and has so far lived in 5. She holds a research MA in Politics, a subject she initially studied to become a good journalist, she did not envisage blogging at all. Living in Paris with her young daughter and fiancé she has found her passions to be writing and teaching. To connect with Solveig or get a glimpse of her writing you can find her on her solveigwerner.comor on  twitter.


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