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Infinity Dreams Award 2.0

Thank you to the lovely, sweet, and supportive Nicolette @ A Little Bookish, A Little Writerly for nominating me for this award and being an awesome writer friend. ^.^

Nicolette’s Questions

1. Who is your favorite hero/heroine? (Books, movies, comics, lore, whatever)
Favorite hero/heroine. Hmm… This is a very difficult question for me because, to be honest, I lean more towards villains. I love reading about the villains and watching them in movies. Why? Likely because their interactions and reactions are far more volatile and interesting than the subdued hero/heroine who lives by a ‘code.’ That being said, I guess I’ll have to pick an anti-hero: Wolverine from X-men! Yay! He’s such a badass!

2. Best book read in 2015?
Single best book? ‘Gambit’ by C. L. Denault. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE THIS BOOK! Granted, I read some books this year that I found extremely boring and uninteresting, but even if I hadn’t, Gambit would still be my favorite book because it was that amazing! I recommend everyone check out my review and add it to a list on goodreads and READ THIS BOOK! Do it! Do it now! I commandeth you, my blog readers! :p

3. If you could see any movie again like it was the first time, what would you go see?
Star Wars. I would love to see that movie(and trilogy really. Yes, the first three released movies.) again like it was the first time so that I could re-experience the marvel of, arguably, the most amazing plot reveal in history. I want to remember how mind-blown I was. Actually,  I want to actually understand the mind-blownness of this plot reveal because I think I was so young when I originally saw this that I don’t think it had its full effect. So, yes. Star Wars. Hail to Geekdom! :p

4. Tea or coffee?
Both. ^.^ It depends on the time of day. Coffee is a morning drink. While tea is an evening drink. They serve different purposes for my pallet… and my caffeine headaches. Heh.

5. Describe your ideal writing day.
My ideal writing day. Wake up early. The sun is just creeping over the horizon, allowing a faint yellow glow on the world. Have coffee auto-set to brew and be ready no more than an hour into my writing time. Sit at the kitchen table in a pair of sweats and slippers and just write. The world around me is silent. There are no people. There are no cars. There are no other noises besides the air flowing through the house. If it’s summer, I may go perch on the porch railing and write, but I prefer to be inside because the wondrous, green, lush, peaceful world outside is a bit too distracting for me on a writing day.

6. Is your writing space a knolling heaven or a little bit messy?
I try to keep my writing space neat and tidy because I have a really hard time working in a messy environment. However, that doesn’t always happen. I often get ideas when I’m in the middle of nowhere and as a result my notes are all over the place, on dozens of pieces of paper. As a result, when I’m writing they have a habit of scattering themselves about me. I end up rummaging through giant piles to find the idea I’m looking for. So, a little of both. Hee hee!

7. Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I’m a midder. :p I do a smidge of plotting before I get started typing, but the plot often develops and takes twists and turns along the way. I may start with the plot going one way. However, as many writers know, characters take on minds of their own and surprise us. They do what they want. So, it often ends up making me a pantser because I have no idea where my characters will take me next.

8. Word? Scrivener? Typewriter (lol)? What do you use to write?
Scrivener all the way! It’s a Godsend and I wouldn’t use anything else at this point because it’s so easy to color-code, move files, categorize them, keep them in order, and everything is maintained in spot. I will never go back to the days of trying to re-order Word doc files in folders. The worst part was remembering which held what. Scrivener takes care of all that! Best money I ever spent!

9. Do you have a favorite writing quote? What is it?
Hm… a favorite writing quote, you ask? I’m not sure this quote is useful in the context that you’re asking about, nor is it really a writing quote, but it’s my absolute favorite quote of all time. It’s a quote that reminded me of who I am. It’s a quote that brought me of a dark part of my life, and it’s a quote that I live my life by. Of course, it helps that it’s by the most amazing author ever.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”
-Dr. Seuss

10. If only one person in the world read what you wrote, who would you pick?
A complete stranger. In having people I know read my work I’ve come to realize that they’re point of views are clouded, biased even, because they hear my voice in the characters, the scenery, the interactions. They’re not biased to like it. However, they are biased to understand it and feel a certain way about it because they feel a certain way about me and my voice. Therefore, I want a complete stranger to read my work. In so doing, I can get a blank, unbiased judgment of my writing, which will help me more than a thousand friends and family reading my novel.

11. What is one New Year’s resolution you have for 2016?
One writerly New Years resolution for me for 2016 is writing a sequel. As probably everyone knows at this point I’ve started writing five different book series. However, I’ve never actually made it to book two on any of those series. So, it’s my goal for 2016 to get a draft for a sequel on ‘paper’. Hey, maybe I’ll even get a sequel in a publishable state. :p We’ll see.


I have been nominated for this award once before. So, I will not be nominating anyone this time around, but if you haven’t been tagged yet and want to do this, comment below. I’ll gladly make up some fab questions for you! ^.^


8 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award 2.0”

  1. 1. Ha! Love Wolverine. Plus..um Hugh Jackman!
    2. Yep!!! I totally agree. Gambit all the way!
    3. Hail Geekdom!! I know I don’t need to ask YOU this, but did you SEE the new movie!?!?! Oh and have you see Shanara?? Um, I’m like OBSESSED!!!
    4. Me too, I’m totally both!
    5. Can I come on your ideal writing day? Yours sounds lovely. And so calm. And has COFFEE!! And productive. Basically everything this writer needs ASAP!
    6. Oh I know this feeling. I try to be a knolling master and then it quickly becomes chaos! HAHA
    7. Those damn characters. Mine too have a tendency to do whatever they want. Jerks…. ^.^ (I love them though.<–Says every writer ever.)
    8. I’m still working the typewriter…NO, lol, just kidding. But I am doing the word thing. I got a trial of Scrivener, tried getting through the “quick start” guide, and me being terribly and unreasonable impatient thought it was just not “quick starty” enough and gave up. So I’m still doing the Word thing…
    9. I love that quote though!
    10. A lovely point you make about having a stranger read our work. Nice!
    11. I envy you and ADMIRE you soooo much for having SOOOO many completed works!! *claps hands in massive applause* Set your mind to your goal and kiss ass girl!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. #3: Yes, I saw the new movie, but personally I wasn’t all that impressed with it. There was FAR too much shadowing by mirroring scenes from previous movies, which made it rather predictable. And there was a lot of build-up that left me wanting, I suppose. Though, I’m obviously still a fan.
      (I don’t know what Shanara is…)

      #5: Haha! I would totally invite you to my writing-day, except I’m FAR too social and we’d never get anything done ‘cuz we’d just be talking the whole time. Reasons why I always studied alone in college. :p

      #7: Am I right? Characters are real people man! They got ideas. They got personalities. And they do what they want! *z-snap*

      #8: Oh man! I totally can’t go back to word after having worked on Scrivener. I was doing edits on like… Openoffice (cuz I have a MAC) and it was TERRIBLE! I was like ‘what’s going on?!’

      #9: Dude. That quote is like… my mantra or something. :p I live by it now! Haha!

      #11: Aw! Really though! Don’t admire me. :p I may have drafts of my first novels, but I only just now reaching ‘polish stage’ for one of them. If I ever do get published, I’ll be that writer who all my fans are mad at ‘cuz it takes me forever to write the next book. I’ll be too busy scribbling out ideas for new series. :p


      1. #3 The Chronicles of Shanara is my new TV obsession. Look it up, you might like it. lol
        #5 Yeah, we would def talk all day and get nothing done… I also studied alone in college but not for this reason, my friends didn’t study (jerks)
        #7 YAS!! They are real and they get up to so much mischief!!
        #8 I need someone to give me “the really really quick start guide to scrivener” lol!
        #11 I do admire you! Be proud of your accomplishments!! ^.^ And yes, if you don’t finish one series I’ll be knocking on your door looking for the next draft, lol!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha! I just figured out the parts of Scrivener that I needed until I had the time to really look into it. :p I still love it for it’s organization abilities.

          Haha! I’d love to see you bashing on my door to get me to write. :p We’d still end up just chatting the whole time.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I added Gambit on my TBR a while back after your HUGE recommendation. I know how much you love it, so I’ll definitely let you know after I read it. Yep, #4, I definitely agree–coffee for the morning, tea for the evening, especially while I’m writing. Best of luck on your writerly New Year’s resolution–I know you’ll knock it out of the park. Ooh, I love question #5. Going off to daydream about what my favorite writing day would be now. . .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hee hee! Yes, I do love it and I can’t wait for book two to come out. I look forward to discussing GAMBIT with you when you’re done reading it. ^.^

      Thank you so much! We’ll see how I do. 2016 is going to be a VERY busy year. ^.^ Hee hee! But I picked practical resolutions. So, hopefully that’ll help me.

      Best of luck with your resolutions as well. I look forward to keeping in touch and reading your manuscript when you get it finished. I can only hope I’ll be as good of a beta reader for you as you were for me! My mind was BLOWN with how amazing and helpful your notes were!


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