New Years Resolutions

Sara’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

Hello everyone!

My name is Sara and I am a 21-year-old blogger who is currently living in Caracas, Venezuela. My blog is called Freadom Library and I’ve only been using it since August 2015. Before that I had a Booktube channel called Freadom Booktube (can you see the theme there?) but after some difficulties with filming and some harsh realizations, I decided that blogging was more my style. I love to sing and dance and of course, read. My favorite genre is High Fantasy and the second is Retellings.

Melanie was awesome enough to ask me to be share a guest post on her blog on my New Year’s Resolutions so I thought, sure why not?! The last few years I’ve only had one resolution that I set for myself (most of the time they were forgotten by March) but since I became a part of the book community, I started to set a lot more and I began to take them more seriously.

Today I’m going to share with you three out of the 14 resolutions I made for myself for 2016.

SO let’s get started!

Finish 5 series that I’ve already started
I’ve talked to Melanie about this already but I have about 50 series that I have not finished yet. Some of them are series that are not yet complete so I can’t finish them yet, but most of them are series that have been completed for a few years and I just haven’t gotten to them. So I am determined to get at least five under my belt this year. Hopefully, I will surpass that number but for now, 5 is my goal.

Learn Italian
Something most people don’t know is that I love anything that has to do with Italy. Italian food, Italian monuments, Italian men *wink, wink* and I’ve always wanted to learn how to speak Italian, especially after my cousin got a boyfriend who’s fluent. But it’s so hard and I’m so unmotivated that the last two years have been fails. BUT this year will be the year!

Create a tag
This goes back to my booktubing days. One of my resolutions was to create a tag and then I gave up on Youtube and totally forgot that I’d made that resolution. But I feel like tags are so much fun and so interactive. Lots and lots of people do tags every day and it’s such a good way to find new blogs if you search for your own (it’s not weird) and I want that experience!

So those are the resolutions I’m sharing with you guys today.

Thanks Melanie for inviting me to guest post on your blog. One day I’m going to do something cool so you can guest post too and it’ll be awesome. Just don’t hold your breath, it may take a while haha.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out Melanie’s next post!


Sara @ Freadom Library 

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