New Years Resolutions

Gulara’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

For the last several years, I haven’t been making New Year resolutions. They didn’t work, I concluded, after quitting dieting or exercising within the first ten days of a year.

This year is different. I’m making resolutions and intend to stick to them. My good intentions are now supported with a detailed lists of ‘How’, ‘When’ and ‘What’. I’m using Leonie Dawson’s workbooks to get clear on my goals and how to achieve them.

Resolution 1. Healthy Life-Work Balance

I have to confess that for most of my life I’ve been a workaholic. I feel more fulfilled if I can tick off a long list of items off my to-do list. Yet, I value my family above everything. My own well-being and that of my family are paramount to my happiness and success. So, in 2016, I will stop working on weekends and most evenings, and have structured work-related hours in my diary after my baby girl is off to nursery in March. In addition, on the 7th of each month, hubby and I will have an outing, a date of sorts. It’s hard to have time to ourselves with two young kids, and we’ve been talking about dating again for ages. This year, I resolve to make it happen on a regular basis.

Resolution 2. Publish/find a publisher for my memoir

In 2015, I was lucky enough to win a top prize in the Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience. The prize included consideration for traditional publishing by Marc Allen, the president and publisher of New World Library (the publisher of Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’). I just got the news that Marc Allen liked my book proposal enough to circulate it to his editorial and marketing departments. I’ll find out whether they are interested in my book by the end of January. Irrespective of the outcome, this development has boosted both my confidence and my desire to put my book out into the world. In case you are wondering, Where Black Rivers Meet: A Childhood in Azerbaijan is a memoir about my experience of growing up in Soviet Azerbaijan. The book offers a window into this relatively unknown part of the world, its cultural and social values, and political changes, such as the collapse of the Soviet Union and Azerbaijan’s transition to independence.

Resolution 3. Help 87 women to free their authentic voice.

Back in June 2015, I wrote ‘Rise and Shine Women! It’s time…’, a post challenging the fact that many women writers put up with not being paid well or at all for their creative expression. I challenged the ‘starving artist’ phenomena and pledged that by 1 July 2016 I’ll help 100 women to move forward with their creative careers. Since then, I offered 1:1 work to 13 women. I remember a friend commenting on my post and asking whether I was over-ambitious with my numbers. Maybe. But I resolve to carry on with my offering, starting right now. If you are a woman-writer stuck with your creative project, consider dropping me a line. Here is what I offer. The first three women to respond will get a free 30 min session with me. No strings attached, no attempts at selling anything. Just want to move forward with my pledge.

I’m really grateful to Melanie for this opportunity to reflect and crystallise my New Year resolutions.

Let’s make 2016 the best year yet!

Dr. Gulara Vincent

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11 thoughts on “Gulara’s 2016 New Years Resolutions”

    1. Oh, how sweet 🙂 Well, New World Library decided not to go forward with it (I’ve grieved through the rejection, so all is well). Either way it’ll be out one day, and I’ll keep you posted. Thank you so much for reading and commenting here!

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  1. Gulara, Congratulations on your 2016 Resolutions… did you know that you FIRST have to feed yourself Oxygen BEFORE you can help anyone else? Your health and well-being are most important before you can help your family or your clients. Working yourself to death only works if you are single and have no family. 😉 Take care, and congratulations on adding value to your own life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your wise and caring comment, Gwynn. You are absolutely right, of course, and I’m really watching out for this pattern. It means taking it a lot easier than I used to. It also means cultivating new habits of self-care, and hence the first resolution is getting the life-work balance right. It’s a steep learning curve, but I know that the health of my business and my family depends on my own well-being. So burn out is not an option! 🙂

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  2. Oh these resolutions are great. Gulara, you have already helped me a lot when it comes to freeing my voice, just through your encouraging comments and your own blog. But maybe I should try to get myself to be one of those first three women to contact you 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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