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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award 3.0

The gorgeous and amazing Giovanna @ Book Coma Blog nominated me for this wonderful award, which I have done before, but with different questions. So, this should be lots of fun. ^.^

Giovanna’s Questions

What is your favorite book to movie adaptation?
Had I been asked this question a few months ago, I probably would’ve said ‘none’. However, as it is, I finally read ‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry and I really enjoyed the movie adaptation. Alright, maybe it was because I saw it before I read the book. Yet, I liked the movie adaptation because it was different from the book, but didn’t cloud or ruin the main plot points. It was well done, in my opinion.

Do you read the book before watching the movie, watch the movie before reading the book, or does it even matter?
Didn’t I just answer this above? :p I can’t say I’m solely one way or the other because I have seen the movie before books before. However, generally I prefer to read the book first because it came first, has more details, and may better allow you to understand the movie. That, and books just tend to be better. Hee hee!

If you could star in any movie, new or old, what movie would it be?
Jurassic Park! Haha! I’m such a science geek and this is the movie that started my road to a career in genetics. So, if I could star in one movie, this would be it. It’s awesome! (granted there’s like a billion other movies that I’d like to star in because my back-up career was actress :p But that’s okay. Plan A works, too. ^.^)

What is your most favorite book series?
My most favorite book series is going to have to be ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ because it’s Epic! :p It was a series that was awesome all the way through. Granted, I read it when I was in like middle school. So, my memory may have biased over the years, but it still remains at the top of my list for favorite book series.

Who is your favorite author?
Sorry, but I don’t have a favorite author. I have a variety of well-loved authors because they all excel at something different and have their own unique writing style. To have a favorite author would be to compare them to each other, which I don’t think is possible. So, I’m leaving with you ‘none’ for this. Sorry.

If you were able to morph into any animal, what animal would it be?
A monkey! A furry, adorable, flexible monkey because I think it’d be awesome to hang out in a tree all day, jump from branch to branch, eat lots of fruits and bugs. :p Plus monkeys have very close-knit family groups, which is important to me. So, monkey it is! ^.^

If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be and why?
One superpower, huh? That’s a tough one. There’s so many amazing super powers out there and, trust me, I know. I’m a major X-Men geek and I love all the awesome super powers they have, which makes picking a single super power that much harder. Hmm… :/ I guess I’d have to pick the superpower of flight. It probably won’t stay this way, but I love flying and it would make rush hour a lot easier. Hee hee! Though, just wait. Next week I’ll pick another superpower.

Name a celebrity that EVERYONE seems to love, but you HATE.
TAYLOR SWIFT! Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. LOATHE ENTIRELY. Oh my goodness freaking gracious do I detest her. I’m sorry to all those who love her and her music and yaddy yadda, but I can’t stand her or her stupid songs! Ugh! Okay. I’m done.

What is your favorite Season?
Fall! I love fall! All the colors, the crisp feel to the chilly air, all the beautiful sights and smells, the food! I just love fall! (Granted, I was born in fall. So, I suppose I’m bias. :p) But that’s okay! Fall is awesome! ^.^

What is your favorite music genre?
Oo! Now this is a tricky one… I like lots of different music genres and my favorite changes based on my mood and how long I’ve been listening to a music genre as I tend to cycle through them. Though, I have to say that I always come back to ‘metal’ and ‘classical.’ Yes, two ends of the spectrum. :p Classical is what I grew up on, it’s what I play on my violin and piano, but metal has such energy and emotion that works perfectly some days. You know, the days where all I want to do is headbang and scream my anger to the world. :p *wasn’t an emo kid at all in high school* Hee hee!


I have been nominated for this award two other times now. So, I will not be nominating anyone this time around, but if you haven’t been tagged yet and want to do this, comment below. I’ll gladly make up some fab questions for you! ^.^


4 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award 3.0”

  1. I was born in fall and love it, too! 😀

    Also, Taylor Swift haters of the world unite! Granted, I don’t know if she’s necessarily a bad person, but man does her music SUCK and I’m sick of hearing it! I try to explain to my non-musical, tone-deaf friends why she’s so bad, but they never listen… :p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay fall people! ^.^ It really is the best season. :p

      And TELL ME ABOUT IT! Her music is terrible. All of her interviews make her sound like a COMPLETE idiot. She totally genre-changed and then people tried to call her country. BLEH! And she spends WAY too much of her time bashing(or making songs about) people she’s no longer friends. Like… does she even have any friends left? My goodness!


    1. Bahaha! I just love the expression on the girl’s face who was hugged by Tswift. That’d totally be my expression if the girl were to hug me.

      I personally just can’t stand her because she comes across as such an idiot. She’s like the perfect example of stupid fame. *sigh*

      Liked by 1 person

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