New Years Resolutions

Kelsey’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

Hello and happy New Year, everyone! I’m Kelsey, librarian and book blogging extraordinaire (if I do say so myself!) from Don’t Shush Me.  How wonderful is it that I get to be a guest blogger for you today!?!

Well it’s officially 2016, and we all know what that means, right? Its time we get serious about our New Years Resolutions! What absolute fun, right? Right?

I usually keep my resolutions pretty broad, and vague. So you won’t find me promising to lose X about of pounds or run X amount of miles per week. I like to keep it a little bit more general.

Here we go!

Kelsey’s Resolution #1

Be a better person.


See what I mean about keeping it open-ended? Every year I just strive to be a better person than the year before. I try to push myself to be more patient, kind, outgoing and less judgmental, stressed, and sad. We only get one go on this wild ride called Life, and I always want to be improving myself.

Kelsey’s Resolution #2

Each month, be healthier than the month before


Yea, I too have a “get healthier” resolution! I like to keep it simple though, so I just promise myself to strive to make healthier choices each day/month. This month I’m aiming to cut way down on my soda intake!

Kelsey’s Resolution #3

Kick butt at my new job!


I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY graduated with my Master’s degree and I got my first professional job. I’m a school librarian now, so my resolution is to kick butt at my new job. And so far, I pretty much am lol 🙂

All right that’s it from me you guys. Have a fantastic 2016! Happy reading!

Kelsey @ Don’t Shush Me

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