New Years Resolutions

Breeanna’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

Breeanna’s New Years Resolutions:

Guest posting… this is new…

I always thought guest posts were done for important or super awesome people, which is why I’m insanely honored that Melanie has asked me to be a part of her month-long feature of blogger New Years Resolutions.

So here are my three 2016 Resolutions:

No. 1 – Query my first book.

I thought I would have accomplished this in 2015, but the manuscript needed more work than my baby-writer brain anticipated. But with only a few things left on the to-do list and a query letter that is set and read to go, I’m confident that 2016 will be the year I start querying (and hopefully get an agent).

No. 2 – Rewrite Book 2.

I’ve had a draft of this book done for almost two years now. It was originally the first book in the series, but when I was outlining what is now book 1 for NaNo2014, I realized it was better for the series if they were switched. So it’s been sitting on the back burning for the past year and some change, and I think it’s ready for its overhaul.

No. 3 – Read [AT LEAST] 50 Books.

I love reading, truly I do. I used to be a really avid reader back in the day, but adulthood made reading difficult. Because time/priorities/[insert some other excuse]. But I want to make reading a habit again, so I’m setting a tangible goal other than “read more” because that could simply mean reading 27 books instead of the 26 of 2015.

About Breeanna Pierce:
Breeanna is a blogger and graphic designer with an addiction to writing and all things storytelling. She’s currently finishing up the first book in a 5-book YA Fantasy series and is anxiously awaiting the querying process. Patience isn’t something she’s perfected, but she’s married to revision. Hopefully one day, she’ll send her book off to an agent or editor.


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