New Years Resolutions

Blondewritemore’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

Blondewritemore Resolutions

1. To eat more cheese. I did not eat enough in 2015. I need to go big and smelly in 2016!

2. To drink more coffee. I didn’t drink enough. Santa bought me a new coffee machine so I can really go for it on producing wild and wonderful caffeine fuelled stories.

3. To make sure I am making the most out of my hormonal cycle and writing phases. Early cycle – I am calm and really into writing romances. Mid cycle – I am agitated and really into writing horror. End of cycle I am a bit spaced out so I am up for paranormal. If I could write whilst in tune with my hormones that would be great!

4. To make my cat love only me. The Duke of Wellington is having an affair with the blonde woman up the street. He plays us off against each other. Hurtful – I know! I can turn him around and I must stay positive.

5. To write more bad stories. Apparently bad writing eventually turns into good writing!

6. To do more guest posts for other bloggers.

7. To tweet more. I love tweeting and don’t think I do enough of this.

8. To do more free writing! It’s such a blast and I shouldn’t be scared of writing down what is going on inside my blonde head.

9. To hug more – physically and virtually.

10. To have my eye brows tinted more but find a beautician who doesn’t make them look like two dead slugs. Had some bad brow experiences in 2015.


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