New Years Resolutions

Charley’s 2016 New Years Resolutions


1. I always set myself a ‘challenge’ resolution to read 100 books a year. I always try to pick different genres and try to read new things I wouldn’t naturally pick instinctively. Last year I tried to read more historical fiction, something I’ve never read before. This year I’d like to try and read more non fiction. I rarely pick anything that’s non fiction based, so I really hope I pluck up the courage to do this!

2. My second resolution for 2016 is to become more confident. I worry about everything and I’m always apologising – even if there’s nothing to apologise for! I really want to work hard to find more confidence and self belief. This is more for my working life, but I guess we all feel unsure about things when we care so much. As long as I’m doing a good job, that’s all I care about. I just wish I could believe in myself a bit more.

3. Finally, I want to make more time for myself and to do the things I enjoy. I love going out to new places and the amount of times I’ve put it off because I’ve got work to do or exams to paper is really quite sad. I will make more time to explore new places in 2016.

Charley, 25 years young, English teacher and lover of books.

6 thoughts on “Charley’s 2016 New Years Resolutions”

  1. Three excellent resolutions, Charley–I hope you have lots of success with all of them. Except for the occasional biography, I’m not a big non-fic fan, but I think I’d like to get more into historical fiction like you did last year. What were some of your favorite reads in that genre?

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