New Years Resolutions

Ashley’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

If there’s one resolution I should be making each year, it’s to not make a resolution, because they tend to evaporate after a few months, and I’m left with the disappointment and anger that another years has come and gone with a failure. That’s why this year I’m setting goals—both longterm and short-term. Things I’d like to complete within the 2016 year, but if I don’t it’s okay.

I have a whole slew of them, but here are the highlights:

Short-Term Goals:

  • Blog more. Hey, guess what? I’ve already—sort of—met this goal. The trick will be keeping it up. Recently I began blogging for two video game sites, That VideoGame Blog and Bit Cultures. They help motivate me to write, and any sort of writing is still writing, which keeps me from becoming stagnant. I’m also hoping this motivation trickles into my personal blog, and I’m able to come up with new articles to right for there.
  • Finish (at least) one WIP. This should be a given, and it’s on one of my goal lists every year. I’ve been working on the same WIP for about eight—holy crap, we’re going on nine—years. It’s about time I finish it. Or something. This is going to be the year; I feel it in my bones.

Long-Term Goals:

  • Learn a Language. Alright, I should have been doing this long ago, especially when I had the opportunity to take classes in school. Here’s the thing: I’ve taken Spanish, French, Italian, and a little bit of Arabic. But I know none of them. I’m hoping to change this, and I’m honing in on either Italian (which I have roots in through my husband) or Romanian (all that’s in my blood). Wish me luck?
  • Volunteer More: This is another exciting goal that I’ve already built the foundation for. I recently started volunteering at a local human society to help socialize kittens. You heard that right. For two hours every week (more, if I’d like!) I can sit in a room and play with kittens/cats. It’s pretty much a dream come true. As long as I keep this up, I think I’ll be able to cross this one off my goal list 🙂

Essentially these goals make up “me” in a nutshell. Me “on a plate” if I were in the MasterChef kitchen. I feel good about having “goals” opposed to “resolutions” and can see this year being more successful because of it.

Huzzah! Here’s to 2016!

A.M. Ruggirello

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