New Years Resolutions

Ryan’s 2016 New Years Resolutions

My name is Ryan Bernard and I am a hobby artist who is currently fully employed in an entirely separate field. My mediums of choice are Pencil/Ink and Photography. I have recently gotten into digital painting at a very beginner level. I have been drawing on and off since I was in middle school but until this year had no intention of getting any better than just being a work place doodler. But this year with some well-placed resolutions I plan to take my skills beyond the basic and aim to become a more accomplished and capable artist.

My resolutions:

1) Monthly Studies
For those that don’t know what a study is, it is taking an object or subject group and doing consistent and repetitive practice pieces. Starting in January I have being working on facial compositions. That means doing studies for: Eyes, Noses, Mouths and Ears, as well as the overall shape and positioning of the skull. As with most skills the more practice you have the more muscle memory takes over. Throughout the year I hope to spend each month doing different studies, such as composition, landscapes and full body poses.

2) Produce More Content
The end goal for the year is to not only become more skilled but also more proficient. Though the old adage about art is that art is never finished, being able to create something in an hour that used to take several hours has its merits. It allows the artist to better focus on details and rendering and less on structure and composition. Basically making the house look pretty not just making it stand on its own.

3) Include Digital Painting Into Current Workflows
The last goal for the year would be to integrate digital painting into my usual workflows for art production. This allows me to have access to more tools that traditional mediums do not and create more finished looking and deeper compositions with greater ease.

Though the ultimate goal is still to be a hobby artist at the end of the year, being able to expand my abilities to a point where I am more than just your average hobbyist is a long-term plan. Goals for the long-term would include creating illustrations for both cover art and graphic novels.

Leave a comment below! I'd love to hear from you!

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