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Infinity Dreams Award 3.0

Goodness! People are really enjoying nominating me for this award, but that’s okay because it’s fun. I love answering questions. ^.^ It allows my readers an opportunity to get to know me better. That being said, I want to thank the spectacular Eve @ Eve Messenger’s OtherWORDly Endeavors for nominating me for this award. ^.^

Eve’s Questions

If you had two weeks and unlimited funds, what would be your dream vacation?
The world! :p I’m not really kidding, but I am. I would love to visit so many places in the world, to see them, experience them, learn their cultures. However, one cannot do that in a day. Though, I would really love to experience an exotic culture. So, my top choice at the moment for a dream vacation would be visit Japan and experience all the culture I could while there. Festivals. Shrines. Cities. Countryside. All of it!

What was one of your favorite books as a child?
I had lots of favorite books when I was a kid. I used to do quite a bit of reading when I was younger and most of them had cats of some time because I was obsessed with cats. Haha! (I still kind of am. >.>) But that’s beside the point. One of my favorite books that I still love is called ‘Yoko’ by Rosemary Wells. It’s about a Japanese kitty who brings in sushi for traditional food sharing day, but no one wants to eat it. It’s an adorable short story about friendship and SUSHI! ^.^

What was one of your favorite recent reads?
I’ve read quite a few amazing books lately, but I don’t feel I’ve given some of them nearly enough hype. So, since it’s January and this is the month in which this book comes out, I’m going to say ‘The Abyss Surrounds Us’ by Emily Skrutskie. A futuristic science fiction novel that whisks you away to a world where pirates rule the seas and genetically-engineered creatures protect ships. This book is amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys science fiction and good character development. To see why I loved it, check out my review.

What is your dream/life’s ambition?
Wow. That’s a loaded question… I’m not sure I know what my dream/life’s ambition is. Or perhaps the more appropriate thing to say is: which singular thing is my life’s ambition. I mean, I dream of being a full-time actress. I dream of being a published-author with a story good enough to have a fandom. I dream of being a rockstar. Yes, I dream of all these things. Will they all happen? Probably not.

Though, that being said. I think my dream/life’s ambition is to be happy like Charmander! I want to attain a point in my life where I’m truly happy, where I don’t feel like someone’s going to pull the rug out from under my feet, or one wrong word could wash my future away. How do I reach this? Let’s go to the next question 😉

What three things would indicate you’ve achieved your dream?
Three things to achieve my dream? (Side note: repeating the question back is a habit from taking way too many tests in college so the answer looks longer :p)

1) Family. Family is the utmost important thing in my life. I hope to find a man whom I love and can be proud to take back to my family and have children with some day. Some day… far away. :p (I got too many life plans getting in the way right now. hee hee)
2) Financial Stability. This might sound a little terrible, but I think one very important key to (my) happiness is being financially stable. I don’t want to have to worry about whether I can buy a book because I’m watching finances.
3) Laughs. Once the first two are met, I think three is the absolute most important because what is life without a little laughter, a little fun, a little enjoyment? We may work a lot, but it’s not everything. Sometimes it’s important to remember the movie ‘Zombieland’:

“Enjoy the little things.”

What is your favorite board/card/casino game?
Oo! I love lots of games! Well, not casino games. That’s boring to me, but I love board games and card games. Though, if I had to pick one, I have been really into playing ‘Ticket to Ride’. This game is set up so that you have to build railways from point A to point B based on what route cards you get at the beginning of the game. It’s a strategy game and a race against the other players games. Best part is that each time you play is different and there are actually expansion packs for each continent. (I bought Europe for my brother and we play this game a lot! :p) So, if you’re looking for a good board game. Try this! I highly recommend it!

Would you prefer camping in nature or staying at fine hotel in the city?
Oh. Now that’s a difficult question. I love nature. I love camping. I really want to try roughing it on it the woods where you carry your own tent, hike into the middle of nowhere, and don’t have a shower. This sounds like an amazing idea. So, I’m going to pick camping! Staying in a fine hotel is nice and all, but so plush and boring. There’s nothing like fresh air and plenty of inspiration and quiet to do the soul good. ^.^

If you could write like any author, who would it be and why?
Oh my goodness! Why you give me such a difficult question, Eve?! I have two authors whom I aspire to write like, but for completely different reasons and thus, I will name both. :p I follow no rules! You see this, Eve? It’s because I’m evil! Mwahahaha!

1) Shakespeare. Haha! I know. He’s dead. His writing is aged compared to what’s written nowadays, but it’s wonderful! Shakespeare was able to write tragedies and comedies and do both very well. His stories are classics. Centuries later when hardly anyone really understands the meaning, we still read his stories for education and for enjoyment. Point made. Argument done. This girl: winning! :p

2) The Brothers Grimm. If you don’t already know from the awful number of times I’ve fawned over The Brothers Grimm, you’ll know now. I LOVE THEM! Okay, not like in a romantic way. That’s gross. They’re dead, but I LOVE their writing. I love the dark, gothic, warning-style stories they write (and stole) and the way they melded into fairy tales for children. That is the thing I want to do. I want to write dark stories so well, that children will accept them and parents will read them to their children. (Okay maybe not, but that would be pretty epic and I still love their dark writing style :p)

If you could visit any historical time period, which would you choose and why?
Oo! This is a tough one because I have so many that we’ve romanticized based on clothing styles, cultures, and the like. That being said, I think I’d like to visit the fifties. I love rock ‘n’ roll. I love pin-up. I love poodle skirts. I love ice cream parlors.  I love drive-in theaters. I love swing dance. I love a man in a leather jacket. :p My image of the 1950s is so romanticized that I always imagine I should’ve been born in the 1950s. (Either that or it’s my mother’s music influences since I was in the womb. Love me some Elvis Presley, Beach Boys, Troggs, Four Seasons, etc etc.)

Romance or adventure?
Adventure. All the way. Romance is so sappy and I can’t stand if it’s the main plot because it’s not interesting enough for me. Adventure interacts more with the world, the creatures, the cultures. Romance isn’t nearly as developed, at least in my mind. Plus, as stated in my One Lovely Blog Award post, I’m an adrenaline junkie. That being said, I love the adrenaline rush from adventure.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Moose tracks! Yum! Vanilla ice cream with chocolate peanut butter cups inside. Who wouldn’t have this as their favorite ice cream?! *melts*


I have been nominated for this award two other times now. So, I will not be nominating anyone this time around, but if you haven’t been tagged yet and want to do this, comment below. I’ll gladly make up some fab questions for you! ^.^

14 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award 3.0”

  1. Oh my gosh I LOOOVED Yoko when I was a kid. I made my parents read it to me over and over again. Such a sweet book! The Abyss Surrounds Us looks really cool––can’t remember if I saw it on your blog or elsewhere, but I’ve been meaning to check it out! And I also prefer adventure over romance, although I like a little of both (as long as the romance is well-developed, haha). 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’ve read Yoko?! Oh man! I never knew anyone who read that book. It’s so sad, though, when you think about it! *Tears*
      You definitely need to check it out and it probably was my blog. I’ve only been talking about it non-stop. :p
      Meh… Romance is okay in small doses, but most of the time it takes away from the main plot (in my opinion) and isn’t necessary. :/ (I’ve probably just seen too many bad examples before)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes!! I know, it’s such an underrated book. I loved everything by Rosemary Wells when I was a kid––her books are all so adorable.

        Haha yes it probably was! I looked it up on Goodreads and it only had like 50 reviews, but they were all super positive. So I requested it from the library and I hope to get it soon. I will definitely let you know what I think when I read it! 😀

        Yeah I agree to an extent. In most cases, romance is too rushed/forced and it makes me roll my eyes. 😛 I love a really well-developed romance, though. I think the key is that I like romances that are developed thoughtfully over time, and the characters are good friends and not just love interests, if that makes sense. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m not sure I knew who any of the authors were of my books as a child. :p I’m barely figuring out authors nowadays. Haha! *is such a horrible fan*

          Mm. I agree. Most YA romances are just horribly done like the author knows they want them together but is too lazy to appropriately develop their romance. Over-eager writers is never a good thing. *sigh* *really tries to avoid the romance thing in own novels* And that totally makes sense. If the two characters don’t get along as friends, it’s unlikely they’ll get along as romance characters. :/ *wants to start ripping apart love plot lines left and right* *must contain the beast* Hee hee.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. True, although I’d say it extends beyond YA––I see the same tropes in a lot of adult media too, haha. My writing used to be pretty romance-heavy, but over the past few years I’ve come to value friendship much more than romance in my stories.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Mm. I haven’t read enough outside of YA to really know what else is out there. :/ My six-year reading slump only recently ended and I’m still trying to catch up on all the YA I missed, not including adult fic. >.>
              And I agree. It’s definitely better to focus on friendship and if your readers end up shipping people based on the friendship, then you know you’ve done something right. 😉

              Liked by 1 person

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