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Around the (US) in YA Book Tag

aroundtheworldAround the World Book Tag! I wish I could actually travel the world like I do with the books I read, but sadly I’m stuck here. Even so, I’ve done quite a bit of traveling through my books and thanks to Kelly over at Stellar Scrutiny, who tagged me for this, I can share with you some of my favorite novels. Though, since I’ve already done this tag once for around the world, I’m going to stick to the United States this time. How many states have I hit?





New Mexico



S. Carolina


As I already did this tag once before on December 10th, 2015, I will not be tagging anyone this time around. You’re more than welcome to do this tag anyway and say I tagged you, though. :p

P.s. I am no longer doing blog tags because I will not have the time to devote to them in the coming months. So, while I thank you for tagging me in the past, I request that you tag some other amazing, fun bloggers to participate in book tags and other tags alike. Thank you! ^.^

What a tiny list! 0.0 Though, most books I’ve read pick nondescript places. :/
Well, anyway, have you read any of these books?


3 thoughts on “Around the (US) in YA Book Tag”

      1. Haha! We’re opposites for right now. I switch between obsessively writing and then practically eating books on a regular basis. Example: I started Ignite Me yesterday and finished reading it this morning. So I have absurd reading habits. Lol! 😂

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