Taking Over the Interwebs… Kind Of

I’m behind the game!

That’s right. While I have this blog and each post I publish is auto-updated to my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, there are a lot of other outlets available to share my content with readers and writers alike.

There are dozens of websites and apps nowadays which writers, bloggers, and authors are using to get their content across: Bloglovin’, Tumblr, Wattpad, Figment, Instagram, and goodness knows what else I’m missing in this list. Maybe even a few folks are updating their LinkedIn accounts with their posts. Yet, I’m still idling here on WordPress alone. >.>

That being said, I’ve decided to branch out!

I know I’m crazy to think I can just suddenly utilize other social media, but I’m really only branching out a little bit. I still don’t think I’m ready to dip my toes in the oceans of Tumblr and Instagram. I’d be such a failsaurus at either of those because I’m a horrible picture-taker. (And they’d eat too much of my time. :p) So, I’m sticking to just a couple for now. Here they are! You can now find me on….

I really hope this helps my current followers to stay better up-to-date on what I’m posting and also allows new followers to more easily find me so I may continue my plot for world dominatio-

I mean! 0.0 >.> <.< Um… Well, this is awkward.


12 thoughts on “Taking Over the Interwebs… Kind Of”

  1. I have ventured onto Instagram and am loving it! It’s like a goldmine of readers, book lovers and book reviewers. After two weeks I have made some good connections and I am learning a lot. Have tried Wattpad and found it depressing. I think it takes a bit of work to get going.

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    1. Oh man. I can’t do Instagram. My photos would look like garbage and I don’t even normally have photos on my blog posts. Oh well! *shrugs*

      And yeah… Wattpad is interesting. >.> But I was suggested it to get more readers. I’m just too lazy to go out and find readers at the moment. Lots of IRL stuff going on right now that are taking up my time. Maybe I’ll look more into it in the future. :/

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        1. Ah! But your blog posts always look appealing to the eye, what with the list style. I think my giant blocks of text wouldn’t be quite as interesting. :p
          But you’ll find out from my Saturday blog post why I won’t be having much time to advertise over the next few months. *cough*

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