Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Raindrops

They don’t understand.

To them rain is dreary, dark, cold. It soaks their clothes… and their moods.

But that isn’t what I saw.

In my eyes each raindrop was a glistening speckle of color. They glittered like prisms with ever color of the rainbow and when the drop hit the ground the prism would shatter.

And the cacophony was the best part.

Upon impact, the colors would ripple away, each ring a different color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. The puddle held each piece of the rainbow.

For me, rain wasn’t dreary, or dull, or cold…

It was vibrant. Full of life.
It was beautiful and mesmerizing.

It was why… I always longed for the rain.

Inspired by artist Sangrde’s ‘Sharing an Umbrella‘ from Deviantart

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