Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Stars in Her Eyes

There was just… something about her.

She hid something behind those circular, 1960s-style sunglasses of hers. Her aura resonated with self-assurance. She wore confidence like she knew exactly what was coming. Like she hadn’t a care in the world. And her quirky, gothic, mismatched style said she didn’t care what they said about her.

One day, she showed me why: she held the stars in her eyes.

Her irises were a mismatch of royal blue and majestic purple. Within their vibrant depths were the constellations of the night sky. It wasn’t a reflection. It wasn’t a trick. And not only could she see the stars, but she knew them. Predicted them.

She was the keeper of the skies.

Inspired by artist Chi’s ‘Galaxy‘ from Deviantart.

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