Monthly Update{FEB}/Book Haul/Life…man I’m way behind

So, as may have noticed, I completely, utterly, and totally failed to bring you a monthly update at the beginning of March. >.> That’s what I get for trying to divide my brain between too many things. *sigh* But the good news is I’m updating y’all now on… well, everything! :p

I’ve been accepted to graduate school!

That’s right ladies and gents. Come August/September (whatever the official start date is. Still waiting on the full details) I will officially be a graduate student and taking one step further in my journey of life. :p This also means that I will be relinquishing my free time, my sanity and my soul for the next 4-6 years, but hey! I’m happy about it. :p This is what I wanted and I’m so thrilled!

 March Book Haul

Goal 1: Query. I was so excited about this. I blinded myself with how long I stared at my query letter before I sent it out and… it kind of blew up in  my face. :/ Whether the agents asked for pages or not, no one decided to bite. That’s okay. It happens.

Perhaps it means my story needs work. Perhaps it means I’m querying the wrong agents. Perhaps it means the YA sci-fi genre is just super saturated and I should query at a later date. Whatever the cause, SOTA RADIATION is getting a reprieve for now. I’ll come back and evaluate later.

Goal 2: Edit REEDUCATION. Well, thanks to the LOVELY, TALENTED, AMAZING, GENEROUS Eve Messenger and her fantastic notes, I have completed my my edits on my YA dystopian REEDUCATION. Is it ready to query? Pfft! No. :p However, it is ready for another read through by some betareaders or critique partners. Any takers?

Well, March is already half-over. Oops… But that’s okay because I’m going to take the rest of the month off writing and editing to decompress. What with graduate school applications, grad school interveiws(aka flying half-way across the US), querying, editing, reading, preparing for Japan, and whatever else life has thrown at me, I need some time to chill. (and by chill I mean freak out because I leave for Japan in… 9 days?! 0.0)

Calling betareaders & critique partners!

I have nine days until I leave for Japan and I want to devote as much of that time as possible to finding a few betareaders who enjoy reading young adult science fiction and/or dystopian. If interested, please comment below, contact me via my contact page, or hit me up on Twitter: @NoellBernard.

Additionally, I will be searching for critique partners who are interested in critiquing young adult science fiction and/or dystopian. In exchange, I am willing to read and critique science fiction or fantasy as those are genres I’m well acquainted with. I’d also be willing to critique thriller. To determine whether we would be compatible critique partners, I would like to exchange pitches and a few pages. If interested, please comment below, contact me via my contact page, or hit me up on Twitter: @NoellBernard.

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11 thoughts on “Monthly Update{FEB}/Book Haul/Life…man I’m way behind”

  1. AHHHH congrats on getting to grad school, Melanie! I am so so so happy for you!! *congrats hug!!* I hope to follow in your footsteps soon; I’ve resolved to study next year. I don’t know what yet, but I’m going to take a risk, because nothing would happen otherwise, right?

    I’d like to offer myself to be your betareader! I wish I saw this sooner. Shall I DM you on Twitter? c:

    HAVE FUN IN JAPAN! I am still super super jelly. Enjoy all the beauty for me!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! *hugs back* and that’s very exciting! Make sure you start preparing letters of recommendation and statements of purpose early. The earlier you apply, the better your chances. ^.^
      0.0 WHAT?! You wanna be a betareader for lil’ ol’ me? Yes! Yes! DM me!
      Thank you! I’ll share the beauty of Japan in pictures!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on getting into Grad School! That’s awesome and I’m happy for you – I wouldn’t be able to do that… I like my sleep too much…

    (Also… when I saw the Stitch Gif I couldn’t help but hear his voice… am I crazy? Am I the only one that heard Stitch’s voice when he was saying HI? XD)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What an exciting time for you! Congratulations about grad school. Brilliant March haul. Angelfall was great, and Before I Fall is one of my faves. Also, Wayne Brady is one of my biggest celebrity crushes so thank you for that gif. *fans self*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I was so relieved when I got the e-mail what with quitting my job to go to Japan. :p *took a few too many risks for my liking*

      I don’t read much in the fantasy genre. So, I’m curious about Angelfall. (It was super cheap at Half Price Books. So, I decided to try it. ^.^) And I LOVE Lauren Oliver’s books. I was so excited when I saw this at HPB especially in hardback!

      Bahahaha! I grew up watching ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ and he is quite amazing! All of those guys were! I wish the show was still active. It was AWESOME!


  4. Such wonderful news! I hope you have a wonderful graduate school experience. I know it’s a long way off, but I look forward to potential blog posts about life in grad school!. Hopefully you have any time at all to blog, though, because I’m sure you will be the busiest you will ever be in your life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I hope to have lots to post about in regards to my graduate school experience, especially since my degree will help develop the scientific basis behind my novels. ^.^

      I hope to still blog, but I may just have to cut it down a bit. :/ We’ll see. I might just be one of those crazy people who has no lives or doesn’t sleep. HA! Like I could ever give up sleep. :p

      Liked by 1 person

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