15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Spring TBR {March 15, 2016}”

  1. I read a really balanced review of Tell the Wind and Fire, but ultimately didn’t think it would float my boat. The resounding screeching of reviewers on Goodreads had me slowly backing away from it.

    At some point, I do want to read Westerfeld’s Uglies series. I adored the Leviathan series so I must get on that someday. ^.^

    Here’s my TTT:
    My Spring 2016 TBR // Glorious, Enviable, Full of Epicness (You’ll Want to Steal it!)

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    1. Yeah, I saw some pretty bad reviews, too (which I didn’t read), but I requested it from Netgalley and I want to give it a try. (even if I end up disliking it.) :/

      I really enjoyed the Uglies series! The SF elements are super-b. I’m planning to read Afterworlds before I get around to the Leviathan series (because I already own it. :p)

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    1. The Lie Tree sounds very interesting. I’m looking forward to it.
      Though, I’ve heard mixed feelings on ‘Tell the Wind and Fire’. I haven’t read anything by Sara Rees Brennan yet. Hoping this goes well. ^.^
      Thank you for commenting!

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