Anime Japan ’16 in Tokyo!

Ohayo Gozaimasu!

I’m in Japan! It still blows my mind! I can’t believe I’m here. I can’t believe I quit my job, packed a bag, and flew to another country! So crazy!

But I got even luckier because mere days after I arrived in Japan was Anime Japan in Tokyo, which only happens twice a year! So, naturally I booked my ticket for Tokyo via a shinkansen.

What’s a shinkansen? It’s a bullet train! These things move 200mph and accelerate and break smoother than any car or plane. They have plenty of leg room and are better than any American Amtrak train I’ve ever ridden on.IMG_0195

After four hours on this amazing train, I arrived in Tokyo. It took me at least five minutes to find my way out of the giant train station and to the right bus stop. (There are DOZENS of buses. Some city buses, some tourist buses. And they’re all in the same spot. *sigh*)

But I did it! I found the bus. I squeezed on and stood for forty minutes as we got whiplash from the way the bus driver breaks. And finally arrived at Tokyo Big Sight!IMG_0196

Though, I couldn’t buy my ticket from outside Japan so I waited in a line outside for a half hour to buy a ticket. Thankfully, it was a gorgeous day! And then I wound through a line, past the professional cosplayers(freezing themselves outside in the 50F weather) to see THIS SIGN!


And this is what it looked like inside. People upon people upon people! It was intense! There was hardly enough room to walk around, much less stop and look at all the stalls.

And ladies and gentleman, below is just a fraction of all the amazing stalls, exhibits, and other fun stuff at Anime Japan.

Japan vs. America

  • Souvenirs weren’t the same in Japan. People collected pins, but besides that there weren’t many options for souvenirs like in America.
  • A lot of the anime on display was newer anime or up-and-coming anime. Coming from America, I was way out of the loop. I didn’t recognize most of the anime. Sad, but enlightening.
  • The panels were in a separate area and you have to pay extra to see them. In America, they’re free and there’s hundreds of them.
  • And most important, cosplay seems to be a professional thing. The attendees didn’t cosplay. Rather, the cosplayers were in a separate area where they stood throughout the whole con for people to take pictures.

After taking it all in, it was time to head home and the way home was gorgeous. Here are a couple extra pictures of the beauty of Tokyo to tide you over until next time. ^.^IMG_0315IMG_0318IMG_0319

Soredewa mata!


11 thoughts on “Anime Japan ’16 in Tokyo!”

    1. Haha! There were TONS of people and they just push and shove all the time. It was very difficult for me to remain calm because in America it’s quite rude to do this. Still, it was very interesting for me, too, because I didn’t know most of the anime. I’m right there with you in regards to Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Last Airbender(which is actually American :p), but I knew a few of them thanks to Netflix. Haha! Without Netflix I would’ve been completely lost!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Ah yes! This spring has been GORGEOUS! There are also quite a few festivals in spring. So, it’s a great time to experience a lot of fun events all over Japan! I wish I had the time to travel more and see them all, but I guess that means I’ll just have to make time to come back to Japan. :p

          Liked by 1 person

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