Japanese Food: Okonomiyaki



Okonomiyaki is a grilled ‘pancake’. Though, unlike Western-style pancakes, this pancake is not sweet. Rather it’s filled with different non-sweet items based on what people like and where the cooks originate from. Sometimes it can be filled with noodles, beef, octopus, cheese, or, in my case, cabbage.

My okonomiyaki(or ‘hiroshimayaki’ where I’m staying) was cabbage wrapped in a thin, crepe-style pancake and smothered in sauce. The sauce tasted reminiscent of American BBQ sauce and to top it all off, a sunny side-up egg is placed on top. (I forewent the mayo since I’m not a huge fan.)

Now, the real trick here is eating it from a flimsy plastic to-go container (as I got it from a vendor stand during a festival) and trying to pull apart the warm pancake with chopsticks. Haha! It was a bit of a mess and I think all the Japanese people were watching me like I was crazy, but it was very yummy! I’d love to grab some more, especially given how cheap it was(500 yen) for the amount of food one gets.



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