Ohayo Gozaimasu!


It’s spring! In Japan! I definitely picked the right time of year to visit this gorgeous country because spring is amazing! Winter has fled. Spring is arrived and with it warm air and the hope of new life. One of the most apparent signs of this wonderful time of year are the abundant blossoming sakura trees!IMG_0737

Starting as tiny pink buds, the cherry blossoms bloom into pink-fringed white flowers. Once the flowers open up, they form a canopy of light pink trees. It’s a perfect time for pictures. It’s also the time for hanami. IMG_0999

What’s hanami?
Hanami is when you gather your friends, your family, your colleagues, make lots of yummy food, and find the perfect spot under the cherry blossom trees and picnic! My host here in Japan made tons of food! Sashimi, onigiri, fried chicken, tamagoyaki, and a sweet rice dish with egg. Of course, no hanami is complete without sake!
IMG_0523 (1)

Soredewa mata!


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