Japanese Food: Taiyaki



Look! A fish! Isn’t it cute?! Haha! I thought these little guys were adorable when I kept seeing them at the festival, but silly me saw ‘fish’ and thought ‘meal’. Nope! It’s a dessert! This little fishy is in fact an adorable, warm, fluffy pastry. But the best part? It’s filled! (I love how Japanese food is always filled with some yummy surprise!)

Like most Japanese foods, there are a variety of fillings which can be placed inside this kawaii fish! Chocolate, adzuki bean paste(red bean paste), custard, Bavarian cream, and the shop where I bought my fishy even had pizza and curry fillings, too! 0.0 Mind = BLOWN!

Though, since it was my first time (and because I never pass up sweets), I picked custard. And man are these things quick and easy! It took mere moments for a woman to come out, take my key(which is number to remind me what I ordered), and hand me a super cute, warm, fresh taiyaki!

Yet, as adorable as this fishy was, I bit right into it and it was like eating a pączki! Except warm, gooey, and overflowing with delicious custard! Needless to say, this was TOTALLY worth the 130 yen. Heck! At that price, I’m gonna have to go back and try all the flavors! …I wonder how pizza would taste.



13 thoughts on “Japanese Food: Taiyaki”

    1. Haha! I feel always hungry in Japan because the food always looks so amazing! :p
      And no. I don’t speak Polish. However, I like to get the spelling and pronunciation correct when I use words from other languages. Americans botch enough foreign words as it is. :p

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          1. if you would, I probably wouldn’t have asked 😛
            the use of “ą” got me curious as you need to have Polish language installed on you computer/whatever other device you have to actually use it 😀
            unless you copy-paste 😛

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    1. It was amazing! I’ve been so tempted to go back and try more flavors, but have been busy with all the other foods in Japan I want to try. ^.^
      But I’m heading to S. Korea next. So, I will definitely try the one with ice cream if I can find it! Thank you for the recommendation. ^.^

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