Japanese Food: Buffet



When I was younger, my family used to go to American buffets all the time. Half a dozen meats. A salad bar. Ten kinds of pre-prepared dishes. Yet, nothing of those buffets was like one in Japan.

Yes, it’s still a buffet: you pay a flat rate (¥1000) and in return you can eat all the food you want. However, you only get 90 minutes to eat all the food you want, and while this seems like a lot of time, it really isn’t. At least, not when you are enjoying the company of good friends, marveling at the countless new, unique dishes, and cooking your own meat on an in-table grill.

You heard me right! An in-table grill. In the center of a table is an inset circle with a grill to cook your own meat.IMG_1409

As for meat, you are given a wide variety to choose from: pork, beef, chicken, sausages. Heck, some of it is even pre-seasoned and marinated! Just look at the possibilities!IMG_1419

You do not have to cook all of your own meat, though. There are plenty of pre-cooked options. Some of my favorites are takoyaki(rolled octopus), potato wedges, and grilled chicken. Oh! And let’s not forget the sushi!

And if after all this amazing food, you still have room left: there’s DESSERT! Custard. Fruit. Something like a danish with strawberry filling. Cream puffs. Mango pudding. Cinnamon toast. Chocolate cake. Even traditional mochi filled with anko. It all looked so good that I couldn’t decide which to try. So… I tried them all! Haha!IMG_1412

Of course, if you want something a little colder, there’s an ice cream bar. Also a cotton-candy machine! Unfortunately, the crepe maker wasn’t open when I went, but I can only imagine how tasty those would have been. Mm!IMG_1425.JPG


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