Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Grounded

They could tell she was sad.

It hung in the heaviness weighing down her eyelashes. It floated on the soft, weary tune she played on the harmonica. It clung to her like the white-feathered dress draping from her body.

Finches flitted about her head. Their tiny feet snagged on the delicate veil like removing it would draw the grief from her soul. Yet, it wouldn’t budge. No amount of tugging or pulling could release the transparent cascade and set the girl free.

For her spirit had been stolen. 

With just an ounce of deception, a dash of trickery, and a flashing smile, he’d ripped her wings away. She was forever grounded.

Inspired by artist Shilin’s ‘Minstrel‘ from Deviantart.

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