Japanese Food: Sushi



I’m in Japan! I can’t believe it took me this long to try sushi! 0.0 My goodness. :p But my wonderful host has been making food for me so often that it’s been difficult finding time to go out to eat and try new foods. (Not that I’m complaining. Home made food is much cheaper and just as yummy). But I had to try sushi! And man was it an experience! ^.^IMG_2188

In the United States, we order what sushi roll we want and that roll usually comes with 6-10 pieces depending on the size of the roll, the ingredients, and the restaurant. However, in Japan, you order your sushi off a touch screen! So cool!

Once you’ve managed to get through the countless options and ordered, your sushi will arrive via a spinning conveyor belt that sweeps by a set of tables. You’ll know which sushi is yours because it arrives in color-coded bowl, which is the same color as marked on the right side of the order screen. (Ours was blue). But just to make sure you’re paying attention, the screen plays a little tune and tells you which orders are about to come your way so you can pick them up and enjoy!IMG_2184Though, the best and the worst part was the fact that whatever you order only comes with two pieces! TWO! I mean, that’s hardly enough if you really like something (not that you can’t just order more of it :p), but it was really great because it gave me the opportunity to try lots of different sushi rolls. In fact, I even tried gunkan maki with meatballs. So Western of me and my Western companions at the sushi restaurant made fun of me for it, but I thought it was fantastic! I hope I get to go to another sushi restaurant and see if they other amazing things to try!
IMG_2189And what would a trip out for lunch be if I didn’t try a dessert. :p And this parfait just looked WAY too good to pass up. Hee hee! I’m a sucker for sweets, especially when they look fancy like this with strawberry and vanilla ice cream, frozen strawberries, a chocolate wafer straw, and on the bottom are little cake cubes. Mm! I didn’t want it to end! :p

But alas, the plates and parfait cup were empty and I definitely believe my stomach was full whether I wanted it to be or not. :p Not to mention, it was time for a picnic (without food) to enjoy the lovely weather.IMG_2194


4 thoughts on “Japanese Food: Sushi”

  1. TWO PIECES? How much is that roughly worth in US dollars? But oh my God, that sushi looks so delicious. *cries* I’ve only ever tried spicy tuna/shrimp rolls (I know, I’m just SO adventurous). I hope you’re having fun in Japan, Melanie! x

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    1. If I remember correctly, it was like 160yen for two pieces, which is about $1.50 for two pieces of sushi. There are cheaper pieces and more expensive pieces. So while it’s a nice way to try lots of things for a cheap price, it’s dangerous if you’re not paying attention to how many plates you have stacked up. :p It’s easy to eat a lot.


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