Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Apple

My childish naivety led me to that apple. One side was yellow. The other pink. Both glistened in the morning sun, catching my eye and drawing me in until I could think of nothing else but the sweet taste lingering within.

I sank my teeth into the soft flesh. Juice dribble down my chin. I licked my lips, capturing each drop of flavor before searching for another, and another, and another.

Even if I had noticed the itching. Even if I had felt the sudden heaviness. It would’ve been too late. Branches protruded in either direction. They weaved between the blonde strands of my hair, kinking at grotesque angles. Only when the euphoria washed away did I notice the buds blooming into two-toned apples.

One side was yellow. The other pink.

Inspired by artist Chi’s ‘Apple‘ from Deviantart.

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