Japanese Food: Almond Butter Toast


Almond Butter Toast


Mm! Mm! Now, this is a tasty treat and best part: it’s for BREAKFAST! Who could possibly skip breakfast with this sitting in front of you? Well, I know I sure can’t pass up almond butter toast, especially after trying it for the first time. Unfortunately, almond butter toast is only offered in Himeji because it’s the only place in Japan that it’s made. Say what?!

My host said she believes there was a misinterpretation when the Japanese were trying to make American peanut butter and ended up with almond butter instead. But hey! I’m not complaining. With bread, butter, sugar, and toasted almonds, this bread is something I could get used to eating in the morning. And there’s even a little saucer of syrup (aka liquified sugar) to pour on top of your almond butter toast. You know, just in case it isn’t sweet enough. :p (Which you can imagine I smothered all over my toast. :p)

Now, normally the almond slices are not placed on top of the almond butter toast (as the almonds are in the butter), but my host suggested a little place in Himeji known as ‘Hamamoto’ on Miyukdori. This is the only place that puts almond slices on top of their almond butter toast and I LOVED the added crunch.

Of course, since I was ordering my toast in a coffee shop, I had to get coffee to go with it. :p (Because I’m a coffee-holic and drinking instant coffee is gonna kill me.) But I did not expect to find a café au lait float! Say what?! Yup, an ice cream float with coffee and milk, which wasn’t sweet compared to the syrup-drenched toast, but it was delicious all the same! (If only the price was a little more conducive to drinking it every day. :/ *sigh*)



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